Crime Stoppers pays its first reward here

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Citizens of Marshall County Crime Stoppers has paid its first reward and the money was issued within a month after the new organization was announced, according to the sheriff's detective captain.

"We got a tip on two wanted subjects," Detective Capt. Norman Dalton said Friday. "One is incarcerated here and the other is incarcerated in Pontiac, Mich. It's a result of a call to Crime Stoppers at 359-4867."

Taken into custody on Dec. 10, the same day of the call, was Pamela Sue Goetz, also known as Polly, 34, who'd been living at an East Commerce Street address, according to arrest records. She was wanted for parole violations, forgery and failure to appear in Lewisburg City Court.

She's now serving "state time" because of the parole violation, Capt. Dalton said.

Information provided by an anonymous caller led to her arrest. The caller was paid $50 in reward money and provided a $100 gift certificate to a local store because the call was the first which resulted in an arrest, Dalton said.

The second arrest resulting from a tip called into the local Crime Stoppers number was made on Friday when Ronald Allan Manns, 44, of Holly Grove Road was taken into custody, according to public records.

Extradition proceedings for Manns' return to Tennessee from Michigan have begun, Dalton said.

Manns is charged with sale of cocaine to a confidential informant with the 17th Judicial District's Drug Task Force, introduction of contraband to a penal institution and failure to appear in court as directed.

Meanwhile, January is Crime Stoppers Month and Dalton has written to several local businesses reminding them that Crime Stoppers is a partnership involving law enforcement, the community and the media with the aim of solving crime and providing a safer environment for families, individual and businesses.

An anonymous nine-member board was formed to start Citizens of Marshall County CrimeStoppers. They serve without compensation. They're local businessmen and women from all parts of the county and they meet on an as-needed basis.

The Citizens of Marshall County Crime Stoppers Board is affiliated with Crime Stoppers USA, a regional member of Crime Stoppers International. Those groups have guidelines for the program.

There are more than 1,000 Crime Stoppers programs around the world and together they have cleared more than a million cases, recovered nearly $1.6 billion worth of stolen property and provided information that has led to the confiscation of illegal drug said to have a street value of $6.1 billion.

Here's how information may lead to payment of a reward here.

Someone with information calls 359-4867. The call is answered by a volunteer who fills out a questionnaire. Callers will be asked to describe the crime, the suspect, and any vehicle involved. Callers will be asked to give a narrative of the crime.

Assuming the information leads to an arrest, a password is provided to the informant who's instructed to go to a particular bank's drive through lane away from the teller's window. The reward is paid in exchange for the ID-number and password.

"Law enforcement does not become a part of the paying of the reward," Dalton said. "That's up to the board members."

Anonymity of the person providing information is a chief goal of Crime Stoppers, he said.

To emphasize the importance of Crime Stoppers Month, the five mayors in Marshall County were invited to the Sheriff's Department this week to sign a joint proclamation to declare the month and lend their support, publicly, to the program.