Teens' party busted by LPD

Friday, December 26, 2008

A teenagers' end-of-semester party came to an abrupt end when staff at a local motel alerted the Lewisburg Police Department to suspicious activity by five under-age girls and three older boys at about 10 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 18.

"We made contact with five juvenile girls that ...stated they had consumed alcohol and smoked marijuana," wrote Officer Brad Martin in his report. The girls told the officer that the alcohol and marijuana "had been brought to their room" by Cody Childress, 18, and another boy. "Also they stated that Anthony Shrake had rented the room for them."

While Lewisburg Police officers were on the scene, Shrake, 19, of Hatchett Hollow Road, Cornersville, returned and "did admit to renting the room for the girls," reported Martin.

"At that time, Shrake was arrested for contributing to (the delinquency of) a minor," wrote Martin. "The five juvenile girls were all cited into court for under-age consumption and their parents were called to pick them up. Warrants for contributing were signed on Childress and the other boy and they were later arrested at their homes."

The juveniles are due in court on Jan. 13, and the adults on Jan. 12.