Fireworks ring in New Year tonight

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Except for Independence Day, New Years Eve is the only other time fireworks can be legally shot in the City of Lewisburg and this year there are only two fireworks stands in the city.

One's on Ellington Parkway. The other is on East Commerce Street. Both generally sell the same kinds of fireworks.

Business has been slow because of the "weather, probably," according to Robyn McCown who operates R&K Fireworks on Ellington Parkway in front of the O'Reilly Auto Parts store with her husband, Kevin, and their son, Brayson, 3.

"And, I think the economy has something to do with it," McCown said. "That's why we thought about not doing it this year."

Robyn and Kevin McCown have been running the firework stand for six years. They've continued the business from her parents, Steve and Vicki Cain.

She knows of one other fireworks stand operating for customers who want to ring in 2009 with a bang. There's a third that's been in operation on such days in the winter before New Year's Eve, but she believes that wasn't opened this year because of the economy.

Dennis and Linda Salway are the owners of the fireworks stand on West Commerce Street.

Linda Salway says fewer fireworks are shot off for New Years Eve compared to the number shot for Independence Day.

Over the years of selling and shooting fireworks, Linda has noticed a difference between how men appreciate fireworks compared to women.

The guys like the noise," she said. "I like the colors.

"I like fireworks, but not as much as the boys," Linda Salway concludded. "I've burnt my finger, so I'm not so much into it."