Request for on-premises selling denied

Friday, January 2, 2009

A request for a permit for on-premises consumption was rejected by the Marshall County beer board in a Tuesday night meeting that lasted less than 10 minutes.

The new owners of the Mooresville Market at 3399 Mooresville Hwy, Ronald and Tanya Seltz, had requested on-premises consumption so that their customers could enjoy a beer while they ate.

"We have seven kids," Ronald said. "We're not intending to run a beer joint.

"If it doesn't go through it's no big deal," he added. "We sure don't want to stir anything up."

Board member and county commissioner Larry McKnight said a lot of people had voiced concerns to him about on-premise consumption, and fellow commissioner Billy Spivey moved to approve off-premises only.

"I'm in agreement," Jimmy Wolaver said. "But shouldn't these people have a chance to speak? Let's give the people in that area a chance to give their viewpoint."

Mooresville neighbors Lucille and Jim Landrum came to the meeting to speak against on-premise consumption.

"Package beer is no problem," Lucille said. "The community doesn't want on-premise consumption; we don't need it in our community. There's churches and homes in the area, and some people are not going to stop with just one drink."

"I want to be on record against it," said another neighbor, Doug Martin, adding, "There's not enough law enforcement in that area."

Ken Albers dissented, saying, "On-premises consumption would allow them to make the business more profitable. As a small business owner you need to get as many people as possible in to your business to survive."

Before the Seltz's bought it, Mooresville Market had a permit for off-premises consumption. After a brief discussion, the five-member beer board, chaired by Scottie Poarch, voted unanimously to issue the Seltz's with the same permit.