Woman confesses to forging prescriptions

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Belfast woman confessed to two counts of writing and passing a forged prescription after being arrested at a local pharmacy last week.

Bobby Kay Lopez, 37, of Adams Road, Belfast, tried to fill a prescription for oxycodone 5 mg. tablets at the Kroger pharmacy on Monday evening, Dec. 29. Randall Jean, the pharmacist, knows Lopez as a "long-time customer," but he checked his records and found that, as he wrote in his statement, "I had Rx's for the same meds dated 12-17-08, 12-19-08, and 12-23-08. All were written for a month's supply of medication. This aroused my suspicions and I informed Ms. Lopez what I would have to talk to...the prescriber personally to clarify these Rx's." When Jean was unable to get the nurse on the phone, he called the Lewisburg Police Department.

Officer Larry Hazelwood responded to the call.

"I then contacted Diane Allen, the nurse whose name was forged on the prescription," Hazelwood wrote in his report. "She stated she did not write either of the prescriptions. I then contacted Anthony James, the owner of AJ Medical where the prescriptions came from. He then met me there and we checked the file for copies of the prescriptions. There were none. I then went back to Krogers and confronted the defendant Bobby Kay Lopez. I asked the defendant where she got the prescriptions. She stated AJ Medical. I then placed the defendant under arrest for writing and passing a forged prescription."

After being transported to Marshall County Jail, Hazelwood reported that Lopez was advised of her Miranda rights. He reports that she admitted to forging and filling a prescription for 90 lorazepam on Dec. 23. In her written statement, Lopez admitted taking a prescription pad at AJ Medical when no one was in the room with her. In the statement, Lopez explains that AJ Medical has been "taking care of my pain management for quite some time" and adds, "I know what I done was crazy."

Lopez' bond was set at $20,000, and her court date is Feb. 2.