Auto parts plant to cut staff

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The owner of a Ford, GM and Chrysler parts supplier in Lewisburg anticipates more layoffs as a result of America's continued sour economy and fewer orders from his customers.

"We employ 30 people and we have had some cutbacks," Mike Robertson, president and sole owner of Trison Coatings Inc., said Monday. "And we definitely expect more. We may have no more than 20 people here sometime soon unless the economy improves and automotive sales pickup."

Trison Coatings was established at 801 Garrett Parkway nearly three years ago, Robertson said. He has employed up to 45 people. That was in 2006.

The business provides anti-vibration components for America's big three automotive manufacturers, Robertson said. Key components include mounts for motors, chassis and transmissions. Trison Coatings' work includes metal processing and rubber to metal adhesives.

"There has been somewhat of a steady cutback in all expenses, including labor," the owner said. "It's tied directly to the economy."