Rash of vandalism reported

Friday, January 9, 2009

Lewisburg residents have suffered a rash of vandalism to their vehicles in recent weeks, according to reports on file at the police department.

Eggs were thrown at a 1995 Chevrolet pickup belonging to Josh Wheeler of West End Avenue. A Chevy Monte Carlo and another Chevy pickup truck, property of Shelley and Scott Bunker of White Drive, suffered the same fate at about the same time. Officer Clyde Ragsdale wrote the reports on both incidents on Christmas Eve. The victims told him they thought the egg throwing could have happened the preceding day.

The passenger side tires of Ricky Dodson's 2002 GMC Yukon were cut on Jan. 1, between 5 and 5:15 p.m. while he was shopping at Walgreens, according to Ragsdale's report.

Three of the tires of Lee Baker's 1991 Ford F-150 pickup were cut between midnight and 5:30 a.m. Jan. 5 while the truck was parked at his address in Belfast Street, reported Officer Jackie Robertson.

Annette Hargrove and Gregory Paxton had all four tires on both of their trucks - a 1987 Ford Ranger and a 1993 F-150 - cut on Jan. 6, while the trucks were parked at Hargrove's residence on Cummings Circle. Hargrove and Paxton valued the tires at $100 each, making their total loss $800.

Other recent incidents relating to vehicles that are on record at the Lewisburg police department include:

* Crystal King had a Mickey Mouse wallet containing $303 in cash taken out of her purse when it was in a friend's car on Jan. 5.

* Donny Griffis lost a Ruger .270 M77 rifle with a Leupold scope, together valued at $1,200. He told police he left the gun in his 2001 Dodge pickup truck on Dec. 29 and noticed it was missing on Dec. 30. The thief may have some difficulty selling - or using - this rifle since it has a left-handed bolt and action.

* Thomas Everette Dubose, 40, of 1st Avenue North, was stopped for speeding on Dec. 27, and then arrested when it was found he had a Florida driver's license that had been revoked for failure to pay child support.

* Teresa L. Zitzer, 40, of 4th Avenue North, was arrested on Jan. 1 for driving under the influence, violation of the implied consent law, and driving on revoked.

* Cristopher Stephen Wortham, 21, of Coosie Branch Road, Cornersville, was arrested on Jan. 4 in Lewisburg for driving under the influence. His passengers, Daniel L. Tucker and Jonathan R. Harger, were arrested for public intoxication.

* Gustavo Jaramillo Lopez, 23, of McClure St., was in a traffic accident on Liggett Street near Jones Circle on Jan. 5 and was arrested for driving without a license.

* James L. Marsh, 56, of Pine Cone Drive, was arrested on Jan. 2 on a charge of driving with a revoked license.

* Darrin A. Amis, 43, of Stokes Avenue, was arrested on Jan. 6 on a charge of driving on a suspended license. His passenger, John D. Allen, was arrested for public intoxication.