Town needs attorney, mayor says

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

PETERSBURG - This town needs a lawyer and the mayor came to that conclusion last week even though it's being defended by an attorney in Marshall County Chancery Court.

"We need to hire a city attorney," Mayor John Cowden said Thursday night after a non-voting workshop of the town's Board of Mayor and Alderman and in discussion about changing aldermen by ouster and appointment.

Petersburg has turned to the Tennessee Municipal League's Risk Management Pool for town insurance and the policy's provision for legal counsel if the city is sued, he said. Operating advice at board meetings is different.

"We have a city judge," Cowden continued, identifying her as Lewisburg-based attorney Quinn Brandon whose knowledge of daily municipal operations has grown within two years since her election to the Lewisburg City Council.

Petersburg used to have an attorney who was based in Fayetteville, but that relationship has expired.

As for the civil suit against the city in Chancery Court, it was filed Oct. 4, 2007 by John Hill who's represented by Jason Reeves of Shelbyville who specializes in civil litigation.

Hill owns the old Morgan School property. His complaint focuses on the question of whether the pavement to the building is a public street or his private driveway.

The case was scheduled for trial before Chancellor J.B. Cox during the last three days of 2008, but Cox granted a postponement motion. No new trial date has been set.