School board passes contract

Friday, January 16, 2009

The Marshall County School Board voted unanimously to approve the contract that had been negotiated between the board of education and the Marshall County Education Association.

The teachers present for this historic occasion were delighted by the ratification, but applause and cheers greeted Dr. Stan Curtis' decision to cancel school Friday, due to the extreme cold. It was agreed, however, that the basketball games scheduled for Friday night would go ahead

The school board's attorney had reviewed the contract and informed the board by e-mail that he was happy with the language in the document and recommended approval.

"I have some concerns and reservations," board member Kristen Gold said, "But I'm fairly confident going with our attorney's recommendation. If he's confident we'll trust him."

"It was a good faith effort," said board member and lead negotiator Craig Michael."We're doing the right thing."