Traffic stop yields more arrests

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Three more Marshall County residents were arrested at a traffic stop that also yielded the arrest of Ellis Darnell in the early hours of Wednesday last week.

As reported in Friday's Tribune, Darnell was charged with two counts of possession of a firearm with intent of going armed, possession of drug paraphernalia, and possession of schedule II and schedule IV drugs. His bond was set at $31,000 and his court date is Feb. 24.

A report on file at the Marshall County Sheriff's Department by Deputy Tony Nichols describes the events that led up to the traffic stop and arrests of Christopher Michael Beard, 31, Glenn Ave., Lewisburg; Jason D. Morgan, 22, Yell Road, Lewisburg; and Kacy Cantrell, 24, of Cornersville.

"I observed a vehicle in a field shining a spotlight," wrote Nichols in his report. "The same vehicle came out of the field and headed west on Finley Beech Road, driving past me at a high rate of speed. As I caught up to the vehicle it was traveling approximately 70 mph."

Deputy Nichols stopped the Jeep on Robin Hood Road. Nichols reported that the driver, Beard, had blood-shot eyes, slurred speech, and was unsteady on his feet. "When I asked him how many weapons were in the vehicle," wrote Nichols, "He stated three and they were just riding around looking at deer." Beard's weapon was a 30-06 rifle.

When he had deputies Layne Worsham and Matt Owens there for backup, Nichols ordered everyone out of the vehicle, and it was at this moment that Darnell's loaded .38 Smith and Wesson handgun fell onto the roadway.

Beard, the driver, was arrested and charged with driving under the influence (second offense) and violation of the implied consent law.

After a search that discovered a "pipe containing burnt marijuana and a plastic baggie containing a white powdery substance," according to Nichols' report, Morgan was charged with possession of a schedule II drug and drug paraphernalia and possession of a firearm with intent to go armed. Morgan's weapon was a loaded .44 magnum rifle.

Cantrell did not have any weapons, but a search of her purse revealed several small plastic bags, one containing a "white powdery substance believed to be cocaine," and a pill bottle containing Xanax pills, wrote Nichols. Cantrell was arrested and charged with possession of schedule II drugs for resale and possession of schedule IV drugs.

After finishing with the drugs and weapons inside the vehicle, the officers turned their attention to the rear of the Jeep and, as Nichols reports, "we found a large plastic box with a recently-killed deer inside... Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency Officer Doug Lowery responded to the scene and took possession of the deer carcass, the vehicle, and two of the rifles." Darnell told the officers "he had killed the deer and used both rifles," according to the report. Lowery will be prosecuting all of the hunting violations.

Nichols concludes his report by writing, "the white powdery substance found in Kacy's purse, as well as the substance found on Jason's person and the powdery substance found inside the vehicle, was all later tested and identified as crystal meth."

At about noon the same day, Wednesday, Jan. 21, Sheriff's Deputy Matt Owens reported, "I served a warrant on Kacy Cantrell for initiation of a process intended to result in the manufacture of methamphetamine."

Cantrell's nond was set at $15,000 and the court date is Feb. 24.

Cantrell's address was listed on the warrant as Pulaski Highway, Cornersville; on the report of the traffic stop and arrests, the address given is Ostella Road, also in Cornersville.