On way home from prison, man violates parole

Friday, January 30, 2009

A Lewisburg man got out of jail, but went straight back in when he violated his bond conditions during the trip home.

Artemio Castillo Alvarado, 34, of Old Columbia Road, was arrested on Friday, Jan. 23, and charged with aggravated assault.

Officer Tracy Teal of the Lewisburg Police Department reported that on Sunday, Jan. 25, he "observed Alvarado traveling on 1st Avenue North in the same vehicle with his girlfriend, Susan A. Blackwell." After the car stopped and both people got out, Teal approached the couple to ask why they were together.

"Blackwell stated that she had come to get Alvarado from jail and take him home," wrote Teal in his report.

The problem with this was that Alvarado's bond conditions "prohibited him from being in contact with Blackwell either directly or indirectly."

"I was the arresting officer on the original charge of aggravated assault," wrote Teal, "and had read the bond conditions to Alvarado. Alvarado had a copy of these bond conditions in his possession at the time I made contact with him on Jan. 25."

Alvarado was taken into custody, transported to jail, and processed on a charge of violating bond conditions.