Two out of three isn't bad

Friday, January 30, 2009

Starting our three game home stand, we squared off against the Page Patriots. Their third place position in the district, we knew, was going to make them a challenge.

We had moved past the Spring Hill loss and were ready for another win.

From the beginning, it was a tight game and as each quarter progressed, we continued to sink baskets, but Spring Hill also continued to match us. The fourth quarter arrived, and it was time to put the game away. We bore down and were able to gain a comfortable margin and secure the victory.

When I woke up Wednesday morning, I knew in just two days away, a home battle with Giles County on my 18th birthday awaited us. On Wednesday and Thursday we prepared for the rivalry game. We were given even more incentive to win when it was discovered our opponents had vandalized a building in our back parking lot. This is our school, our court and we were ready to defend it.

The night arrived, and I was pumping with adrenaline as I awaited starting lineups. After what seemed like hours, tip-off was finally here. Just as always, we were more than prepared for the Bobcats, jumping to a 29-10 lead at the end of the first quarter.

As the game wound down, they continued to battle, chipping away at the lead. The fourth quarter began and we were no longer comfortable with our lead. They remained in the game until the final buzzer sounded. A win would have been a suitable birthday gift, but it was even better with the number of friends and fans who wished me a happy one. I thank you all for a wonderful birthday!

Another big game approached the following day, travelling to David Lipscomb to participate in their homecoming game. They ended our season last year, and as I walked into the small, bare locker room, memories and feelings came back to me. They reminded me of how I longed to continue my senior season and play each game as if it were my last. I mentally readied myself for a tough game, hoping to walk away with a victory.

This game was the test we had been waiting for and it would measure where we stood in region. The game began, and it proved to be the challenge we had expected. Going into the second half, we were down ten. As we walked back onto the court, I felt we were capable of a run to take the lead. This run, however, could never be captured.

We did not play to our full potential, resulting in a tough loss. We will continue to work hard, and now we know where we stand and where we need to be. The destination is not far and by all means, not unreachable.