Crime reports

Friday, February 6, 2009

Pocket Picked

A Lewisburg woman told police that she had her pocket picked during a visit to a local store on Sunday, Feb. 1.

Officer Amanda Newcomb's report, on file at the Lewisburg Police Department, states that Jamillah Malik, 30, of Acorn Drive, "went to Wal-Mart around 5:45 p.m. and put her wallet in her front right pocket before entering the store."

"While in the store a female and a male bumped into her," the report continues. "She said hey both apologized to her and continued on. Shortly after the incident she noticed her wallet was missing." Malik "was on the phone during the incident and didn't pay close attention to the two subjects," but she was able to describe them to police.

Malik told Newcomb that the wallet contained $186 in cash, plus bank cards, and her driver's license, social security card, and child support cards.

Domestic Assaults

* In the early hours of Sunday morning, Officer Larry Hazelwood of the Lewisburg Police Department was sent to Park Avenue to check out a dispute between a man and a woman.

Hazelwood found Antomme and Tracey Cowthorn arguing because he was not allowing her to drive the car, stating she was intoxicated.

According to Hazelwood's report, "the husband stated they were going home and not back to the Soul Train. Both parties got back into their vehicle and drove off. I followed the vehicle into 2nd Avenue, when the wife reached over and struck the husband several times in the head and face, nearly causing him to hit a utility pole. The husband pulled into the parking lot at Midtown Laundry and exited the vehicle with the wife still hitting him."

Tracey Cowthorn was arrested and transported to jail. Her bond was set at $1,000 and her court date is March 2.

* A Lewisburg woman was taken to the Emergency Room at Marshall Medical Center after a domestic altercation Sunday afternoon.

According to Officer Steve Sanders' report, Donnie Joe Martin, 39, of Franklin Avenue, admitted to slapping and choking his girlfriend, Stephanie L. Webster, 33.

Webster stated to the officer that Martin had "slapped a cup of hot coffee out of her hand, then smacked her several times and pushed her down." He then "choked Webster and asked her if she wanted to die."

Martin's bond was set at $1,000 and his court date is March 2.

* Ova Morton, 48, of Coleman Street, was arrested after a violent altercation with her daughter, Lori Morton, 21, on Sunday, Jan. 25, according to a report by Officer John Christmas. The elder Morton's bond was set at $1,000 and her court date is Feb. 9.

* No arrest was made when Marshall County Sheriff's Deputies Jerry Harden and Sean Sweeney were called to Leslie Dianne Fitzgerald's home on Wallace Thompson Road Sunday evening. According to Harden's report, Fitzgerald told the deputies that she had been separated from her husband, Timothy Fitzgerald, 28, for over one year, but "she had let him come back into the house a few days ago because he had no job and they had four children."

In her statement, Fitzgerald wrote, "He started going off about how I took his life and his kids from him...He said he would kill me because he had nothing to lose. Then he started choking me."

"Victim had a red bruise consistent with a choke hold," wrote Harden in his report. "She also stated he left the house on foot probably to go to his brother's in Shelbyville, then possibly out of state."

Dog Attack

A Lewisburg man suffered severe lacerations when a dog attacked him on Tuesday afternoon, Jan. 27.

Joe Wallace Hill, 48, of Jorgensen Lane, told Marshall County Sheriff's Department Capt. James Garner that the Great Pyrenees dog attacked him without provocation.

According to Garner's report, Hill stated that the dog had been around his place for about a year. "He took it back home...twice, but it came back and just stayed."

Describing the incident, Garner wrote, "The dog had went for his throat once, but he had been able to knock him away. The dog had put severe lacerations on both his arms and right leg."

Sam Craig of Petersburg witnessed the incident and "stated he had put the dog down with two shots out of fear the dog would attack again. Then he had transported Hill to the Marshall Medical Center Emergency Room."

Garner concluded his report by noting, "Hill will be transported to the Maury Regional E. R. to have stitches put in. Neal Owen (Animal Control) was going to get the dog to send off to see if it had rabies."

Theft over $500/Drunk

Sunday afternoon the Lewisburg Police Department received a call about subjects in the area of Vista Street that appeared to be intoxicated.

Officer Steve Woodward found two men in a 2000 Chevy Malibu behind 540 Vista Street (the S & D Store). According to his report, they " had the trunk and the top of the car loaded down with scrap metal and ladders." Woodward wrote that Donnie Whitehead, 47, of Old Lane Road, was yelling at Douglas Arthur Crabtree, 46, of 7th Avenue North, "wanting to beat him up."

When questioned, Whitehead asserted that he had permission to get the scrap metal, but Woodward had dispatch contact the store owner, who told police "he did not give anyone permission to get anything."

Woodward's report notes that Whitehead was "very intoxicated and Whitehead admitted to taking Xanax pills. Whitehead was a danger to himself and others."

Both men were arrested. Whitehead's bond was set at $3,500 and Crabtree's at $3,000. Both have court dates on March 2.