Lynnville notes

Friday, February 6, 2009

Principal Barry Laxson and high school guidance counselor Crissy Hickman have announced the "Top Ten" in the 2009 Senior Class of Richland High School. They are as follows: Valedictorian--Shelby Hood with a 4.4634 average, Salutatorian--Nathan Wood with a 4.2750 average, 3rd-Cody Behel-4.l875, 4th-Jonathon Packard-4.l837, 5th-Kimberly Lovett-4.l8l8, 6th-Kelci Mackey-4.l667, 7th-Racheal Kightlinger-4.l591, 8th-Katie Pierce-4.l538, 9th-Mark Mize-4.1429, and 10th-Brandon Edwards-4.0851. We congratulate these students on their work.

The TCAP writing assessment was February 3 for all juniors.

The Future Teachers of America officers for 2008-2009 are as follows: president - Zac Putnam, president - elect-Evan Beech, vice president - Shelby Hood, secretaries - Kelci Mackey and Joey Nelson, reporter - Zach Malone.

Friday evening, Jan. 30, Richland High School celebrated homecoming at 5:20 p.m. Representing the freshman class were Lexi Richardson, escorted by Jagger Gladder; Kayla Baxter, escorted by Levi Rutherford; Savannah Shelton, escorted by Jake Woodard; and Alayna Maxwell, escorted by John Yokley.

Sophomore attendants were Shanna Johns, escorted by Dustin Hill; Jayne Schmidt, escorted by Cody Armstrong; Gina Harwell, escorted by Jonathan Pogue; and Felicia Dexter, escorted by Steven Garrett.

Representing the junior class were Haley Dickey, escorted by Cameron Edwards, and Jennifer Ralston, escorted by Kevin Douthit.

Senior attendants were Desaree Hermansen, escorted by Blayze Parsons; Kim Lovett, escorted by Jesse Leonard; Brooke Peden, escorted by Henry Patterson; Kristin Brumit, escorted by Stuart Gregory; Shelby Wallace, escorted by Joey Nelson; Shelby Wilson, escorted by Corey Inman; Katie Pierce, escorted by Anthony Cozart; Hannah Tycer, escorted by Jay Barron; and Jessica Watts, escorted by John Garner.

Last year's Queen and King, Caity Brewer and Peyton Newton, crowned the 2009 Basketball Homecoming Queen and Kings.

The 2009 Queen is Kristen Brumit and the Kings are Jay Barron and Corey Inman.

Richland High School will host the 2009 District 11A Basketball Tournament beginning on Thursday, Feb. 19, and continuing on Friday, Feb. 20, Monday, Feb. 23, and Tuesday, Feb. 24. There will be two games each night.

From the pages of Lynnville history, I quote from an 1889 edition of the Pulaski Citizen, found in the files of the late Sarah Hewitt Dugger.

"Our town feels honored by the many new buildings going up. The new brick store of McCaul & Smith is nearing completion which makes an elegant show.

"The large and magnificent grist mill, owned by McCord & Neely, of Pulaski, represents a capital more than a mill. It sets our town off. It is all completed except putting in the machinery which will take but a short time to get it nicely erected and it will be the very best class of material.

"McCloud & Gilbreath will get their new livery stable completed this week.

"As for educational branches, it is already known to a great many people that in our town of schools there is none that excells Prof. Tandy's school - which is more than its peer, in all that goes to make up a first class institution of learning for its grads, of scholarships the highest, its courses, the most thorough, and its discipline and refining influences can not be excelled.

"The art gallery of Lebon & Gault closed here last week. They did good work and did good business while here.

"Mrs. J. B. Bray has quite a number of boarders now.

"Our efficient policeman, Mr. Helomie, keeps the people of our town straight."

Don't forget Valentine's Day on Saturday, Feb. 14.