Winning isn't always pretty

Friday, February 6, 2009

Tuesday night we trekked to Lewis County to face the team that played us to three points at our house.

As we waited to take the court, we watched as the girls escaped a close one. We were aware that their crowd was hostile, and we knew we had to come out fighting. In the early going, we set the tone and happily dug the hole they were placed in.

Lewis County, however, continued to battle and narrowed the lead before the half came to a close. Determined to put them away, we once again approached the court looking to create an insurmountable lead. We did just that and pushed the margin even further. As the fourth quarter wound down, we secured a comfortable lead and finished the Lewis County Panthers off. One more down and four more games to go.

The following Friday, we were challenged by Hickman County and the district's leading scorer in D. J. Key. In order to slow him down, we brought to the court a special defensive scheme. As always, we were ready to run-and-gun them out of the gym. They, however, had something different in mind.

From the outset, they spread the court and sought to stall the game. At first, we staggered because we were taken out of our game plan. At the end of the first quarter we had only managed to score ten points, making it a 10-10 ball game. Another quarter and a few adjustments later, we were able to pick up the tempo and play our style of basketball. We headed into the locker room proud of the quick adjustments we had made and the lead we captured.

In the locker room, Coach reminded us what we had to do by supplying us with one of his favorite quotes. I'm not sure of his exact words, but in his metaphor Hickman County was a fly. Instead of simply swatting them with a fly swatter, we were to carry a sledgehammer to the court and crush them! Some of the players, including me, were startled by this violent imagery; nevertheless, we agreed to carry out Coach Tigert's will. The second half consisted more of the same as we rolled to another district victory, giving us ten on the year