Lefty's is now Creekside Grill

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The businesswoman who had land along Fifth Avenue North rezoned from a residential classification to a commercial zone for a new restaurant nearly a year ago is moving her business this week to Saddle Creek Golf Club.

Kim Wing, proprietor of Sister's 3 on Sweetwater Lane just north of Biggers Market, will be operating the restaurant and bar at the club house where the restaurant was previously known as Lefty's. Wing said she'd be operating both restaurants through Thursday.

"I'm relocating to the golf course to operate the kitchen and bar," Wing said Friday morning when announcing that Lefty's would become Creekside Grill.

The business will be owned and operated by Sister's 3, said Wing who's settling on a lease for the location.

"The location we're at will be closed," Wing said. "My last day at Sweetwater Lane is Thursday."

Wing's new location offers "better opportunity" because of "a commercial kitchen and full bar," she said.

Wing's landlord at the building on Sweetwater Lane and Fifth Avenue North is Pepper Biggers, the immediate past chairman of the Lewisburg Waster and Wastewater Department who's since become assistant superintendent of the utility.

The Lewisburg City Council rezoned the stone house with votes to rezone the land commercial about the time Wing opened with a Valentine's Day dinner last year.