Candidate likes what he sees in Lewisburg

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The latest, and presumably last, candidate to announce he's running for City Council in Lewisburg's May 5 election says he likes the government and its community wants to be a part of it, and so he's running for a position, not against the incumbent.

Ronnie Hudson, 47, 1820 Lowe St., however, is a candidate in the 2nd Ward, represented by Councilman Hershel Davis, so residents there will have a choice between the man who's completing one term in office and another who wants to start his first.

"I'm offering a choice," Hudson said.

"I'm not running against Mr. Davis," he continued. "I'm running for an office. I have a desire to be a part of that government to be a part of all that I do see in Lewisburg on a government and economic level."

Hudson is employed as a maintenance technician for the production equipment and the building at CosmoLab where he's been included in changes to add a new product line.

"Now, we're setting up new operations," he said. "They've got things on the line that will do well. Great opportunity is on the way."

He also runs his own business to seal coat and stripe parking lots and driveways.

"I've striped some parking lots for the city and I understand that will stop if I'm elected," Hudson said.

Born and raised in Shelbyville, Hudson married Carol Ann Hudson of Lewisburg in 1982. They have two sons, one 15 and one 18. The couple has lived here all of their 24 years of marriage.

"I've seen the government and the city grow and, in the last few years, I've had a burning desire to be a part of the growing community," Hudson said. "I've seen that we have some fine, upstanding city officials and county officials, and I see the growth of Marshall County...

"The local school system is among the finest," he said. "It's why we moved here: to have our children educated in the Marshall County system.'

Hudson also noted the Columbia State Community College campus here on Ellington Parkway. It's among his reasons to conclude that, beyond it being a place "where our children can get a college education," it's evidence that "The city has been institutional about getting businesses and growth for our citizens.

"I want to be a part of all that I see here," Hudson said.

"I've seen what the city has done with parks and see that other counties are lacking," he said. "I see the good things that are done at the parks."

Asked about the city's purchase of land across from Rock Creek Park where Tennessee Walking Horses once grazed at a horse farm, Hudson sad, "I think it was very important for them to buy the property across the creek.

"I think it was good news," he said. "I've always been for the city and everything that we've done."

Beyond working at CosmoLab and at his own business, Hudson has been a preacher.

"I've been a pastor at several churches over the last 26 years," he said, explaining that now he's an assistant pastor in Columbia at Colonial Meadows Church, a non-denominational Christian church.

He's also been a pastor with the Emanuel Church of Christ in Columbia and led another non-denominational church in Lewisburg that has been closed.