Trash days change, recycling expansion starts March 31

Friday, March 6, 2009

Curbie is the nickname for curbside recycling in Nashville and Lewisburg's curbside service, which is being expanded on April 2, is called Lewie.

Extension of the service, started on a trial basis in the southwest part of town, comes with a total reorganization of garbage routes and trash collection days.

March 31, a Tuesday, is when trash collection days start their new schedule. It skips Mondays because so many national holidays fall on that day of the week. The expansion of curbside recycling starts on the first Thursday of next month, April 2.

The changes approved by Lewisburg's City Council last year have been coming for months, but now, in nearly three weeks, residents' trash days will change and they'll be asked to place recyclable paper, plastic and metal in recycling carts the city has bought and will provide to each home.

On March 21, there will be a kickoff and celebration of the expansion of curbside recycling. It's to be in Rock Creek Park that Saturday afternoon when explanations and details of the to changes will be available.

The following overview was provided by City Codes Officer Greg Lowe.

Homes north of East and West Commerce Street and Mooresville Highway will have garbage collection on Tuesday and recycling collection on Thursday.

Homes south of East and West Commerce Street and Mooresville Highway will have garbage collection on Wednesday and recycling collection on Friday.

Reusable shopping bags with information brochures and recycling nick-nacks are to be distributed in all the neighborhoods. The bags will be hung on door knobs.

Recycling carts are being assembled at the ICP building and are to be distributed in time for the start of the curbside collection service starting April 2.

Mayor Bob Phillips has announced that purchase of the carts was accomplished with grant money.

The curbside recycling program was developed by volunteer committee led by Chairwoman Barbara Woods. Her phone number, 359-6518, is included in the color brochure being distributed to all parts of town, as are the names and numbers of the other committee members: Morgan Thomas, 359-0547; Eddie Fuller, 359-1544; Quinn Brandon, 359-1976; Jennifer Harris, 270-7347; Greg Lowe, 359-1544 and; Kenny Ring, 359-6388.