Horse-cruelty case reported

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A deputy investigated a case of cruelty to animals last Saturday after a caller advised the Marshall County Sheriff's Department that a horse had an infected ear and the halter was embedded in its skin.

Krystal Norwood told the dispatcher that she had already spoken to agriculture extension agent Rick Skillington, and he had advised her to make a complaint to the sheriff's department.

Deputy Tony Nichols met Norwood at the field and she told him they had already removed a halter from a black and white mare because it was on so tight that it had become embedded in the horse's left ear and the left side of its head.

"The horse reportedly belonged to Betty or Tom Holzhouser who currently live in Florida," wrote Nichols in his report. "I did collect the halter and observed a large clump of hair, mud and what appeared to be blood and pus embedded on the halter. I then went to the fence with a scoop of sweet feed and was able to lure two horses up to the fence. The first one (was the) black and white mare which the halter had been removed from. (I) observed a large laceration behind her left ear and saw where blood and pus had run down the side of her head. This animal clearly was in pain and did not move her left ear."

Nichols removed a tight yellow plastic chain from the neck of the other occupant of the field, a black mare.

"The barn and horses are in a pasture behind two residences at 2482 Nashville Highway; however, the actual property address is 2555 Old Farmington Road," Nichols reported. "The complainants advised that they have not seen the owners since around Thanksgiving, and that they see a man come every few days and give the horses some hay and leave. They did not know who the gentleman is who is feeding the horses."