Crime reports

Friday, March 13, 2009

Domestic assault, resisting arrest, resisting stop-halt-frisk, public intoxication:

Jason McCollum, 24, of Fox Lane.

Victim: Brionna Morton, 24.

March 8.

Bond: $8,750. Court date: April 20.

Two counts of domestic assault, vandalism over $500, public intoxication:

Tommy Randolph, 30, of Petersburg.

Victims: Virginia "Suzanne" Boyett, 31, and her 15-year-old son.

March 10.

Bond: $16,500; court date: 3-31-09.

Domestic assault:

Margaret D. Roell, 18, of Pulaski.

Domestic abuse:

Alexander W. Harris, 19, of Limestone Avenue.

Roell and Harris were both charged after an incident on March 2. Their bond was set at $1,000 each, and their court date is May 4.

Domestic assault:

* Bridgett Estrada, 32, of Cornersville.

Victim: Juan Estrada, 28.

March 11.

Bond: $750; court date: 3-17-09.

* Francisco Becerra, 23, of Columbia

Victim: Sabrina Becerra, 21 of Mooresville Highway.

March 10.

Bond: $1,000; court date: 4-13-09.

* Johnson W. Cozart, 29, of West Commerce Street

Victim: Reena L. Mathews, 25.

March 7.

Bond: $7,500. Court date: April 20.

* Lakeisha Evette Gresham, 27, of Silver Creek Road.

Victim: Terry Lunsford, 28.

March 8.

Bond: $7,500. Court date: April 6.

* Ronnie Sumner, 46, of Old Belfast Avenue.

Victim: Donna Cook, 46.

March 6.

Bond: $7,500. Court date: April 6.

* Michael J. Mullins, 28, of 5th Avenue North

Victim: Ashley Mullins, 24, of Polly Adams Road.

March 7.

Bond: $7,500. Court date: April 6.

* Shane E. Jones, 34, of Harwell Avenue.

Victim: Carrie L. Marley, 31.

March 5.

Bond: $1,000. Court date: April 6.

Charged with shoplifting

* Barbara Camille Kennedy, 37, and Linda S. Turner, 32, neighbors at a trailer park on Williamsport Pike in Columbia, took a variety of clothing on March 6.

* Dusty Gail Gilliam, 33, if Hatchett Hollow Road in Cornersville, took two shirts and two bottles of store-brand eye drops on March 10. Lewisburg Police Officer Larry Hazelwood wrote in his report, "The manager, Jeremy Haller, stated that Gilliam has been suspected of doing this before, but up to now was never caught. This time (Haller) witnessed first-hand the whole offense himself, right up to my arrival."