Lewisburg resolves to go green

Friday, March 13, 2009

A resolution to make Lewisburg "green" by promoting protection and conservation of natural resources and reduction of waste was adopted by the City Council on Tuesday night.

"It's only three lines long," Mayor Bob Phillips said of the resolution, "but the impact will be big. There will be lots of things to come up such as combining all our utility bills to conserve paper."

The resolution was adopted unanimously by the Council on a motion by Councilwoman Quinn Brandon and seconded by Councilman Phil Sanders. Brandon drafted the resolution with Bruce Ramsey, one of members on a city advisory panel.

The resolution came during the Council's regular monthly meeting when city leaders again announced that city-wide curbside recycling will start on the first Thursday and Friday of next month and on Tuesday and Wednesday that week garbage collection routes will change. Information bags are being hung on doorknobs all over town.

Led by Chairman Edmund Roberts, Lewisburg's Community Development Board developed the campaign to make this city "green."

"The Community Development Board really wants us to do it," the mayor said during discussion of the resolution.

"There are lots of things we can do," Phillips said. "They will come up one by one."

Other examples revealed last week at City Hall include:

* Buying smaller cars, including hybrids. Recently purchased police cars include a front-wheel drive, six-cylinder Chevrolet Impala instead of a V-8 Ford Crown Victoria with rear-wheel drive.

* Practices recommended for residents such as use of canvas bags for shopping and reusable water bottles and containers for food. Tankless water heaters, insulation, properly inflated tires and carpooling are also recommended.