Crime roundup

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

* Criminal Contempt of Court

Misty Holt, 33, of Wildberry Lane, Chapel Hill, came to the Marshall County Sheriff's Department on March 13 to complain that her estranged husband, Kenneth Holt, 44, was sending her e-mails, and also telephoning her. She stated this was a violation of an order of protection signed by Judge Lee Russell on Feb. 27 that orders Holt not to contact her by phone, text or e-mail. Deputy Doug McBay went to an address on Nashville Highway in Chapel Hill and made contact with Holt. According to McBay's report, "Holt gave excuses as to why it was not him that had sent those messages. He finally asked which message got him arrested. My response was that it was all of them." Holt was held without bond until his court appearance.

* Vandalism over $500

Jason Paul Jones of Chestnut Ridge Road, Petersburg, called the Marshall County Sheriff's Department on March 15 because his wheat field across from 1230 Farmington-Belfast Road had been damaged. According to his report, when Deputy Doug McBay got to the field he saw "ruts were cut into the soft wet ground and on some of the locations heavily rutted wheelie-type maneuvers were done." The deputy spoke with 20-year-old Nicholas Coggin who lives across from the field and reported that Coggin was involved in the incident, but "the real person that did the damage was a person named Casey."

Further information as to how to locate this person was "not forthcoming," McBay noted.

Thefts Reported

* A white 2002 Jeep, Tennessee license plate 144QSK, valued at over $10,000.

Owner Jose Brandon Masson, 20, of Holly Grove Road, Lewisburg, told Marshall County Sheriff's Deputy Doug McBay that the Jeep was in his driveway when he got home at 2:30 a.m. March 15, but was gone when he woke up later. Masson "stated he was not behind on any payments" and that "he alone had access to the vehicle" which had been locked, according to McBay's report.

* A white, heart-shaped wreath, a painted wooden American flag, and a vine chair, total value about $26.

Ivey Johnson reported to Lewisburg Police Department Officer Denise Savage that the items went missing from the display in front of her store, Ivey's Antiques, at 737 West Commerce, on March 12.

* A Playstation console and two controls, 22 Playstation games, a PSP electronic game, and eight PSP game cartridges, total value $1,184.

Herman Buttrey reported to LPD Officer Tracy Teal that the rear door of his residence on Fifth Avenue North had been forced open while he was at work on March 12. The thieves left behind other valuable items such as tools, a TV and VCR, and a big jar of change.

* "A gold cartouche with King Tut's name on the front in hieroglyphics and (the owner's) initials on the back in hieroglyphics."

Connie Green, of Fox Lane, told LPD Sgt. Barry Hargrove on March 14 that she had last seen the unique item of jewelry on Feb. 14. Hargrove reported that Green told him "a lot of jewelry (was) there with the necklace but it was left alone."

* At least $1,200 in cash.

Manager Kim Wing called LPD Officer Steve Woodward to the Creekside Grill on March 15 and told him she noticed the money was missing from the desk in the office on Thursday. Wing told the officer there had been several functions going on in the last two days and there had been several extra people working those two days. "She does not know who may have taken the money," Woodward reported.

Domestic incidents

* Arrested and charged with domestic assault on March 15: Leopoldo Mellado Guerrero, 33, of Maple Street, Lewisburg. Victim: Tia Perryman, 23. Bond, $1,000; court date, April 13.

* Arrested and charged with domestic assault and vandalism under $500: Melissa T. Berlin, 35, of Jackson Avenue, Lewisburg. LPD Officer Brad Martin's report states that Berlin argued with Christopher Blackwell, 38, because he talked to another woman, and broke the window of a neighbor's apartment. Bond, $1,500; court date, April 13.

Charged with public intoxication

* Mark L. Thompson, 41, and Rebecca Hubbard, 31, both of Jerre Lane, Lewisburg, were arrested on March 11. In addition to appearing in court in Lewisburg, Thompson will be extradited on a Violation of Probation warrant from the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office.

* Robert James Petkoft Alexander, 30, of Pine Grove, Colo. was arrested on March 14.