Public records

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Marriage Licenses

Nathan Allen Culbertson and Rachel Jane Owen: Aubrey Hatten Sanford and Margaret Lynn Morgan; Kenneth Edward Walker and Juanita Cheryl Smith.

Business Listings

Brannon Towing and Recovery, 5433 Tennessee Central Rd., Chapel Hill, TN 37034, owner: Jody Brannon; Eastside Tobacco dba Vadeshwar Inc., 245 E. Commerce St., Lewisburg, TN 37091, owners: Tejendra Kumar and R. Patel; Freeman's Bargain Center, 5230 Nashville Hwy., Chapel Hill, TN 37034, owners: Christopher and Nancy Freeman; S & C Crafts, 2185 Bethbirei Rd., Lewisburg, TN 37091, owner: Stefanie Doyle.

Land Transfers

Forest Trace S/D, Lot 5, $115,000, District 1, from Shapiro & Kirsch LLP Atty in Fact and Federal National Mortgage Association to John J. and Rebecca M. Kurtz. River Road, 3.85 acres, $15,000, District 1, from Thomas Hayes Holland to Gladys Penick and Trena A. Ring; James B. Anderson Survey, Lot 2B, 2.19 acres, $4,000, District 2, from Patricia W. Taylor to Dan and Helen Haseltine; Chapman Road, 2 acres, $27,000, District 2, from Bobby Louis Smartt and Sharrin Smartt to Neil Nash; Beechwood Estates S/D, Section 1, Lot 72, $94,000, District 3, from Jeff Poarch to John C. Anderson; Westview S/D, Section 1, Lot 5, $82,500, District 3, from Gary E. Finley to Mark A and Natasha Carr; Castano Park, Lot 25, $89,000, District 3, from Scott Dodson to Daniel N. Gurley and Alisha A. Moody; Tract, $82,000, District 3, from James M. and Ruth H. Wright to Randall Glenn Meek; Sunset Drive Addition, Lots 35, 36, and 37, $50,000, District 3, from The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Charles T. Cheatham Jr.; Tract, State Hwy 11 & US Hwy, Section 11, 2 acres, $20,000, from Tommy Higdon, Special Commissioner to Michael Eugene Jones and Donna K. Jones; Cleborn Mealer S/D, Lot 1, 4.44 acres, $80,000, from Val D. and Brenda Grimes to Alice Hamilton; Tract, William H. Coble Sr. S/D, Section 1, Lot 2, $1,406,408, from Realtynet Advisors Inc. to Rawlings Properties LLC;