LifeSong approached about old Connelly

Friday, March 20, 2009
LifeSong Family Church has been asked if it has any interest in the Old Connelly School.

At least one of the churches in Lewisburg was approached by the non-profit organization that owns the old Connelly School to see if the congregation was interested in owning the building for some of its ministries.

The building on Fifth Avenue at the crest of Haynes Street is owned by Central Park of Marshall County, the non-profit organization that's contracted with a Murfreesboro realty and auction company to sell the structure this afternoon.

"Our church was approached to purchase it," said Rocky Cunningham, pastor of LifeSong Family Church and its congregation of some 500 people who meet at their building on South Ellington Parkway.

"We all liked the idea and would love to have the opportunity to minister there, and we may, still," Cunningham said. "We don't know what God has in mind for us.

"We'll see what happens tomorrow," the minister said Thursday.

Loval Jobe, 56, of Chapel Hill, is the president of the non-profit group that received the building from the Lewisburg Public Housing Authority after it was released by the county.

The brick building on what's been known as Education Hill " has a lot of history," Cunningham said. "I really don't feel it's over yet."

At 12:30 this afternoon, auctioneer Bob Bugg of Bob Parks Auction Co. is to start the sale.

Cunningham could not recall the price that was negotiated between the non-profit group and LifeSong's Finance Ministry Team because "it was so back and forth," the pastor said of negotiations.

"But it was more than what the church could afford to spend at this time," he reported.

Jobe had approached the minister "asking if the church was interested in purchasing the building," Cunningham explained. "But the economy is such that the money is just not there. It was more than we could put out. The price varied several thousand dollars."

Uses contemplated for the ministries included a homeless shelter and a place for a rehabilitation program," said Cunningham who reports approximately 350 people attend LifeSong Family Church services on Sunday.