Chief worries about 'rash' of forgeries

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What police chief Chuck Forbis calls it "a rash" of forged payroll checks have turned up at local convenience stores, according to reports on file at the Lewisburg Police Department.

In last Friday's Tribune, it was reported that a woman had cashed two forged checks at the Handi-Mart on South Ellington Parkway. On March 26, Officer John Christmas investigated reports of forged checks at By-Pass Market and Lewisburg Discount Tobacco.

A Walker Die Casting check for $491.27, made out to "Rickey C. Bell" was cashed at By-Pass Market on March 23. The same payee's name was on a check for the same amount cashed at Lewisburg Discount Tobacco on March 25. On March 20, two payroll checks from ABECO Corp. were cashed there: $491.67 made out to "Jackie Robinson," and $487.67 made out to "Laquinta Densmore." "Laquita Densmore" is similar to the name on the two checks cashed at the Handi-Mart.

Other frauds have been reported to the Marshall County Sheriff's Department.

* Det. Bob Johnson visited Ella Geraldin Wellman, 89, of Saw Grass Lane, Chapel Hill on March 26. According to Wellman's caregiver, four credit card accounts that she did not authorize, or make charges to, had been opened in her name. The accounts, and the approximate amounts on them are: Wells Fargo $1,500; Aqua Engineering $900; Cingular cell phone $650; and Abercrombie and Fitch $1,000.

* MCSD Deputy Eli Stuard took a report from Lisa Rene Lintz, 44, of Globe Road, Lewisburg on March 24. Lintz told Stuard that she was checking her online banking when she discovered that someone had used her debit card to pay $200 to Charter Communications. Lintz is not a Charter customer, and she told the deputy that she had already closed her account with US Bank so that her card could not be used any more.

* Det. Johnson also took a report from Marvin Walker Moore of Nashville Highway. Moore told him that someone had been ordering magazine subscriptions in his name, and had also mail ordered items from Bradford Exchange and Luxis International. The magazines relate to an interesting assortment of hobbies: Road and Track, Mother Earth News, The Environmental Magazine, Vibe Magazine, Buds and Blooms Magazine, Car Craft Magazine, Scrapbook Magazine, and Runners World. Total expenditure that Moore did not authorize is just over $250.

Arrested and charged with public intoxication

* Melissa R. Rowland, 39, Hickory Avenue, March 27.

* Waylon C. Williams, 26, Chunn Road, March 27.

Arrested and charged with Driving Under the Influence and violation of the legend drug law

* Douglas Allen Shields, 53, Jonas Ridge, N.C., March 26.

Arrested and charged with domestic assault

* Barry Dyer Waters, 46, 4th Avenue North, March 28. Bond: $1,000; court date April 13.

* Teresa Zitzer, 40, 4th Avenue North, March 28. Bond $1,000; court date April 13.

* Maurice T. Crutcher, 43, 6th Avenue, March 26. Bond $1,000; court date May 18.

* Terri Carie, 49, Wiles Lane, March 26. Bond $1,000; court date April 7.

Charged with evading arrest

* Michael S. Hendrix, 28, Liggett Ave., March 25.

Additional charge: driving on revoked

* Robert A. Crom, 28, Hobby Lane, March 22.

Additional charge: resisting arrest.