Rogers Group gets OK for asphalt plant

Friday, April 3, 2009

Essential machinery for an asphalt plant would be moved from Lewisburg to the Pottsville Quarry owned and operated by the Rogers Group if Marshall County planning commissioners approve site plans from the company when the commission meets on April 21.

That's the chain of events as explained by Don Nelson, the county's zoning and codes manager who reported recently that on March 24, the Marshall County Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) granted a special exception for the Rogers Group to operate an asphalt plant at the quarry accessed from State Route 99 east of U.S. 431 (Franklin Pike).

Approval of the Rogers Group's exception by the BZA was based on conditions similar to those imposed on the Wright Paving Co., Nelson said.

"We had similar concerns" about the recent asphalt plant request, Nelson said: "like at night, when trucks back up -- we asked Wright to address the noise issue, and Rogers will, too."

By law, work trucks must make a recurring horn sound when they're backing up.

"When it's quiet," Nelson said of the dead of night, "you could hear it for two miles. When they're paving for some state contracts, they have to pave at night.

"We had complaints about Marshall County Stone," he said referring to another quarry accessed from State Route 99 (Sylvester Chunn Highway) where Wright Paving solved that problem by having a circular driveway to the asphalt machine so trucks didn't have to shift into reverse and make the warning noise.

various other conditions are to be addressed, Nelson said.

The Rogers Group's asphalt plant faces the same state environmental regulations that apply to Wright's operation at Marshall County Stone.

Site plan approval for virtually any project is not subject to public hearings. This approval process is the last faced by builders before construction permits may be obtained.

The BZA dealt with three other matters during its March 23 meeting. Two were for special exceptions. One was for a variance from strict enforcement of the zoning code.

They are for:

> Gunsmithing and the sale of guns, animal fees, plumbing and electrical parts by Stephen and Marci Surowitz who sought a home occupation permit at 160 Brown Shop Road.

> Monogramming, embroidery and garment printing by Bonnie Albrecht who wants to run such a service from her home at 2086 Paradise Drive.

> Lisa Morris' request for a single-wide mobile home at 1391 Bivins Road where she'd place a trailer that's older than five years. That's the age limit on placement of used mobile homes. However, Morris advised Nelson before the Marsh 23 meeting that she'd sold he trailer to someone in Bedford County, so the BZA, led by Clint Edmundson, did not have to consider her request.