Crime roundup

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A fugitive from justice was apprehended in Lewisburg on April 1. Officer Clyde Ragsdale of the Lewisburg Police Department stopped Kevin Arthur Harlen, 48, who was on foot between KFC and Wal-Mart just after midnight. Harlen, who gave a Buchanan Street address, told the officer he had been in the dumpster at KFC, looking for food. A warrants check produced six counts of felony non-support out of Wisconsin with extradition. Harlen was held without bond until his court appearance on April 6.

Detective James Johnson of the LPD arrested Jim Villard Wray, 35, of Washington Drive, Lewisburg, on March 31. According to Johnson's report, "Wray had an outstanding warrant for rape of a child (under 13 years old)." Wray's bond was set at $30,000

Arrested and served with warrants for violation of probation:

* Alicia Flickinger, 28, Franklin Avenue, Lewisburg.

* Daniel K. Lindemon, 40, Simpson Lane, Lewisburg.

* Lora L. Mitchell, 39, Horton Cove, Chapel Hill.

* Paul A. Parsons, 25, Morrison, Tenn.

* Timothy Shultz, 21, Fayetteville.

* Brandon K. Harden, 25, Douglas Avenue, Lewisburg.

* Joshua B. Jones, 35, Franklin.

* Shakeia Archer, 20, Fox Lane, Lewisburg.

* Cassidy T. Chumbley, 19, Buchanan Street, Lewisburg.

* Robert Maurice Patterson, 26, Columbia.

* Nathan Allen Burton aka Beadle, 24, Baxter, Tenn.

* Justin G. Sims, 27, Colburn Drive, Lewisburg; additional charge: theft from building.

* Devin Starr, 24, Columbia; additional charge: failure to appear

Arrested and charged with domestic assault:

* Bradley E. Davis, 39, Woods Avenue North, Lewisburg.

* Emily J. Hay, 22, Mt. Pleasant.

* Tabitha M. Slayton, 20, Cummings Circle, Lewisburg.

* Mark A. Mclean, 49, Ashwood Avenue, Lewisburg.

* Nolan E. Pippen, 56, Hopkins Avenue, Lewisburg.

Arrested and charged with violating the conditions of his bond:

* Johnson W. Cozart, 28, West Commerce Street, Lewisburg.

Served with warrants:

* domestic assault: Carl Keiler, 33, Silver Street; additional charge: simple possession of Schedule VI drug

* sale of schedule VI drug: Demarcus L. Blackmon, 6th Avenue

Turned self in on outstanding warrants:

* simple possession of a Schedule II drug and drug paraphernalia: David C. Orr, 51, Culleoka.

Served with criminal summons:

* worthless checks (3): Shannon Newcomb, 28, Unionville Road, Chapel Hill.

* harassment: Pam Harris, 55, Beasley Road, Chapel Hill.

* harassment: Emily Hay, 21, Mt. Pleasant.

Driving Offences:

DUI and violation of implied consent law:

* Terri Anne Cook, 37, Lynnville.

* George Rhodes Rochelle, 63, Franklin Avenue, Lewisburg.


* Jason L. Miller, 21, Franklin Avenue, Lewisburg.

* Larry D. Reeves Jr., 38, Thomas Avenue, Lewisburg (2nd offence).

Driving without a license: Jose Ayala, 25, Woodlawn Avenue, Lewisburg.

Driving on suspended license: Susan A. Blackwell, 46, Nashville Highway, Lewisburg.

Arrested for public intoxication

* Nolan E. Pippen, 56, Hopkins Avenue, Lewisburg.

* Renaldo V. Haynie, 43, Nashville.

* William J. Vanorden, 41, Verona Caney Road, Lewisburg.