Whitehead succeeds Minor on Police Advisory Board

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Membership on the Lewisburg Police Advisory Board has changed.

Councilman Odie Whitehead has succeeded Councilman Robin Minor as the City Council's liaison.

"It's a personal thing," Minor said, explaining, "I was on four boards aside from council and that one board was taking up so much of my time and effort."

The councilman continues to serve on the Recreation Board, Planning and Zoning Commission and the Beer Board.

Minor sent his letter of resignation to Mayor Bob Phillips who selected Whitehead as Minor's successor

"He suggested Odie and I would have done that anyway because he has been very active in learning everything he could about the city government and he's been on fewer committees," Phillips said.

"I think Odie will do a good job," the mayor said. "He's been a listener and has been deliberate about making up his mind and once he does, he doesn't mind sticking to his guns."

The police Advisory Board met Thursday last week when Police Chief Chuck Forbis reported the department is fully staffed.

Forbis also reported he's applying for a Justice Assistance Grant that will bring $33,000 to the department, including some federal stimulus money. As previously reported, Forbis is administering the grant which includes $14,000 for the Marshall County Sheriff's department.

In another development, the chief said laptop computers are to be installed in police cars so officers can get information from the National Crime Information Computer without making a radio call to a dispatcher.

Meanwhile, Forbis hadn't completed his annual budget request, but reported that new vehicles and a records management system could be bought without increasing the budget.