Checkpoint yields no arrests

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

No tickets were written when a well-advertised sobriety checkpoint was held in Cornersville between 11 p.m. Friday and 12:30 a.m. Saturday.

Sergeant Michael Galyon of the Cornersville Police Department, assisted by Officers Shawn Jones of Cornersville and Marion Kincade of Chapel Hill, stopped 45 vehicles, but found nothing wrong with any of the drivers.

Cornersville City Manager Taylor Brandon explained that sobriety checkpoints are held several times a year in Cornersville, Chapel Hill, and Lewisburg. In return, thanks to a grant from the Governor's Highway Safety Office, the police departments get equipment they need, but might not otherwise be able to pay for.

Last year, Brandon said, Cornersville got four laptop computers for their police cars, as well as two hand-held radar units. This year, they got stalker radar units.

"You have to advertise them," said Brandon of the sobriety check points, "Not just in the paper, but on radio and local TV as well. You'd think they (the checkpoints) wouldn't be successful, but they are. Either people don't pay attention, or they don't listen.

"We have issues with DUIs, with people coming through Cornersville from the clubs down at Exit 22," Brandon continued.

At earlier checkpoints, a number of arrests have been made, but not this weekend.

Cornersville Police Department is well equipped. In addition to the radar units, all four police cars are have cameras, and all the officers have recording equipment.

"It's a good way to make sure everybody is protected," said Brandon, adding, "It keeps everybody more vigilant of what they're doing."