Brentwood accuses Cornersville-area man in three house burglaries

Friday, April 17, 2009

BRENTWOOD -- The Marshall County man -- arrested by Brentwood Police on Monday in connection with a truck theft in Lincoln County -- is accused of burglary at three Brentwood homes.

Tony Joe Poarch, 27, of 2265 Poarch Hollow Road, was charged Monday with stealing a 2006 Dodge 3500 four-door truck reported as stolen from an Elora Community farmer. Now, three burglary charges are pending against Poarch, Brentwood Police Detective Guy Carden said.

"We responded to a call to a residence at Concord Road," the detective said. Poarch "had already left. Another officer saw the vehicle and ran the tag."

Poarch allegedly kicked open the Concord Road home's front door and then a resident came down stairs and startled him and he left. Poarch had knocked on the door several times before kicking the door.

Poarch allegedly struck the house next door about a week earlier when he took a set of tools and a grass trimmer.

Monday, after the incident at Concord Road, Poarch allegedly went to another home where a lawnmower was taken. At that house, a resident spoke with Poarch thinking he was part of a landscaping crew and didn't realize his lawnmower was in the back of the truck.

Carden was wrapping up his investigation Monday afternoon and said he was taking the case to the District Attorney's office. The detective hopes to present his case directly to the grand jury because Poarch confessed.

A suspected drug habit is believed to be Poarch's motive, the detective said.