New landfill requirements proposed

Friday, April 24, 2009

Additional requirements would be created for new landfilling operations in Marshall County if the County Commission adopts a resolution that's subject to a public hearing Monday night in the Courthouse Annex on Lewisburg's public square.

Public hearings on changes to the county's zoning resolution as it relates to landfills and another resolution on recycling facilities are to start at 5:30 p.m. - half an hour before the regular monthly meeting of the Commission when various other matters are to be considered.

They include:

* A donation to the Petersburg Lions Club Tennessee Walking Horse Show from the county's Tourism and Community Development Funds which come from the hotel-motel room rent tax.

* Authorization between the Marshall County board of public utilities and CSX Transportation for a pipeline crossing under the tracks at Wade brown Road. he utility is in the midst of two water pipeline extensions.

* Establishment of procedures to notify adjoining counties when a land use zoning action is proposed for land bordering the county line. This courtesy notification was mentioned when former Commissioner Sam Smith was granted permission to pave a county road to his land on the county line near Cornersville.

* Acceptance of land to be donated by County Mayor Joe Boyd Liggett who would give land on Old Columbia Road to be a county park. If accomplished as anticipated, it would be named the Victor Wakefield Memorial Bicycle Park

As for the resolution pertaining to landfills, County Zoning and Codes Administrator Don Nelson said, "It's adding a requirement."

The requirements would call for a complete Environmental Impact Statement from a landfill developer, regardless of whether an EIS is required by the state or federal government.

An EIS is an extensive report about the prospective effect of a development on land, people, wildlife and other factors. It's far more involved than an Environmental Assessment.

The requirement is proposed by the Marshall County Planning Commission that has conduced public discussion on the now-recommended resolution.

"Nobody showed up for it at the planning commission," Nelson said. "I've not received any calls on it."

Meanwhile, the county proposes to improve its zoning codes on recycling centers.

The more detailed code "was spurred by a man who wanted to open a recycling center and there was no place in the permitted use table for it, specifically, so we created a place and addressed transfer stations at the same time," Nelson said.

Transfer centers are typically where, for example, trash or recyclable materials are delivered by collection trucks so they may be loaded onto larger highway trucks to take the materials to a landfill or a recycling center that would sort paper, plastic and metals.