Stabbing victim 'uncooperative'

Friday, May 1, 2009

A Marshall County man was stabbed three times Wednesday afternoon near a mobile home park where his alleged assailant lives and Lewisburg Police obtained an arrest warrant after speaking with witnesses who saw the altercation.

Treated and released at the Marshall Medical Center was Jeremy Lee, 35, who suffered wounds to his arm, head and the back of a shoulder, according to Police Chief Chuck Forbis who described the injuries as "non life-threatening."

"We know who the suspect is, but the victim is being uncooperative," Forbis said turning to Detective Sgt. Jimmy Oliver who described the weapon used against Lee as a "sword-like knife" with an 18-inch blade that might otherwise look like a cane.

While Forbis noted Lee was "uncooperative," Oliver said, "We'll make an arrest."

"He knows we're looking for him," Detective Scott Braden said.

Braden obtained an arrest warrant for James Gladden, 40, a resident of Jackson Park who's accused of aggravated assault in the attack on Lee.

Officers Steve Sanders and Larry Hazelwood were the first lawmen on the scene in front of the Child Development Center at 1600 Old Columbia Road, Oliver said, emphasizing that the crime was "not connected with the CDC."

Sanders and Hazelwood "secured the scene and the witnesses," the Detective sergeant said, explaining the stabbing arose from a domestic situation over parenting.

Cpl. Kevin Patin and Sgt. Barry Hargrove assisted at the scene, Oliver said, deferring to Braden's description of the chain of events.

Braden said, "There are witnesses to the altercation...

"There was a confrontation between the two," the detective said.

Lee was driving away from the mobile home park where Gladden lives and Gladden ran to Lee's car on Jackson Avenue and assaulted him, Braden said.

While even Lee might not be perfectly sure of when and where he was stabbed, Braden said it would appear that Lee was stabbed through the driver's side door window and after he escaped from the car through the passenger side door.

Lee fled from Gladden to a corner of the CDC parking lot where there was a fight, as Lee attempted to defend himself, Braden said.

As Braden refrained from releasing details that might jeopardize prosecution in court, he said "There's a woman both men know."

Lee was taken to the Lewisburg hospital by ambulance, treated and released at the emergency room, Braden said.

Oliver said the road was blocked during the investigation at the scene Wednesday afternoon.

Braden said law enforcement agencies in all the surrounding counties were asked to be on the lookout for Gladden.

Reflecting on the information gathered by dusk Wednesday, Oliver said, "It's a good case."

Braden said Gladden had been arrested on a previous charge which resulted in a county jail mug shot which was released to help identify the suspect, but well after dark Wednesday, the detective was uncertain what those other charges might have been or even if Gladden had been convicted.