New administrator appointed at jail

Wednesday, May 6, 2009
Sabrina Patterson is the new administrator at the Marshall County jail. She succeeds Jason Williams.

The Marshall County Jail has a new administrator who's been a sheriff's employee at the jail for 13 years.

Sheriff Les Helton appointed Sabrina Paterson to succeed Jason Williams who was the administrator for nearly four months after serving as assistant administrator for a year under Sam Bragg who became a captain over road deputies.

"I applied for it, interviewed and was hired," Patterson said late last week as her second week at jail administrator was coming to a close.

Helton said the opening was posted and that Patterson was the interim administrator after Williams resigned. Attempts to reach Williams were unsuccessful.

"Jason ... left on his own," Helton said. "I'd say there's a lot of stress. Jason's young and means well. All I can say about him are good things."

Patterson was acting administrator April 16-19.

She has 16 people reporting to her at the jail that has an inmate population of about 110-115. There have been up to about 130 inmates at the county jail.

Before starting her work at the jail here 13 years ago.

"It's been good," she said. "I like my job. I like working in corrections."

Patterson worked for the Lincoln County Sheriff's Department for about five years.

"When I first went into it," she said, "I wanted to be a Lincoln County deputy, but I liked corrections so much that I decided to do that.

"I've been out when they were on drug busts and had to search females for the (17th Judicial District Drug) Task Force in this county and in Lincoln County."

Patterson lives in Lincoln County about 6.5 miles from Taft where she graduated from Blanche High School. It's a grade school now and her grandchildren attend there.

She's a Baptist, but attends Cold Water Methodist Church because of her grandchildren, she said. She has two sons and four grandchildren.

Her husband, Tony, is a taxidermist who hunts and fishes "just about everything," she said.