Stimulus projects lauded

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

NASHVILLE - More than $18.3 million in federal stimulus money will be spent on road widening and resurfacing in Marshall County, according to an announcement from the Tennessee Department of Transportation.

"We are excited to take this next big step toward putting Recovery Act funds to work in Tennessee," TDOT Commissioner Gerald Nicely said Friday as his department's construction engineers started reviewing the apparent low bids for 119 projects in 64 counties, including two in Marshall County.

The apparent best bidders for the projects here are:

* Civil Constructors of Franklin - $16.98 million to widen and relocate parts of a 3.9-mile segment of Mooresville Highway between Interstate 65 and West Ellington Parkway.

* Wright Paving Contractors Inc., Lewisburg and Shelbyville - $1.34 million to repave Henry Horton Highway north of Chapel Hill. The 9.4-mile project goes through part of Rutherford County and into Williamson County.

These two projects and 117 others "will mean thousands of Tennesseans will be employed to rebuild our state's vital infrastructure," Nicely said, referring to a chief goal of the federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

Nicely has up to 30 days to award contracts for the projects. Once contracts are in place, work orders will be issued to the contractors and pre-construction meetings will be set for each project, TDOT said Friday.

In anticipation of the bid opening on Friday, TDOT spokeswoman B.J. Doughty explained there are other road projects in Marshall County that will be subject to later bid calls. Two of them affect Horton Highway and Franklin Pike. They are for rehabilitation of a bridge over a stream flowing under Horton Highway. Another is replacement of a bridge over the Duck River where it's crossed by Franklin Pike.

Meanwhile, low bids for Shelbyville's long-awaited bypass were also listed by TDOT on Friday.

If all goes according to plan, the winning bid could be announced by the middle of June at the earliest, Doughty said.

The apparent best bid was from Wright Brothers Construction Co. of Charleston, Tenn. It bid $15,974,517.75 for the bypass that would wrap around the city's northeastern quadrant from U.S. 231 north of Shelbyville to U.S. 41-A east of town.



Bidders for

2 Marshall

projects are

listed here

Mooresville Highway Project

* Civil Constructors Inc. - $16,987,294.17

* Wright Brothers Construction Co., Inc. - $17,739,383.68

* Highways Inc. - $18,618,733.73

* CBM Enterprises Inc. - $18,649,669.29

* Dement Construction Co. LLC - $18,841,315.90

* Lincoln Paving LLC - $19,549,871.01

* Mountain States Contractors LLC - $19,971,602.96

* K W Lankford Excavatin - $21,572,397.99

Horton Highway Project

* Wright Paving Contractors Inc., $1,342,036.86

* LoJack Enterprises Inc. - $1,386,069.85

* Hoover Inc. - $1,501,838.50

- - - - - -

7 companies

also bidding

on Shelbyville's

by-pass project

* Wright Brothers Construction Co., Inc. - $15,974,517.75

* Rogers Group, Inc. - $16,164,788.84

* Civil Constructors, Inc. - $16,331,174.77

* RaCon, Inc.- Tennessee - $17,487,102.19

* CBM Enterprises, Inc. - $17,498,903.95

* Highways, Inc. - $17,877,051.46

* Mountain States Contractors, LLC - $18,181,979.19

* Wright Paving Contractors, Inc. - $18,369,873.49