Crime reports

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A new fraud has appeared in Marshall County, according to a report by Officer Steve Sanders Jr. on file at the Lewisburg Police Department. "I made contact with representatives from Wal-Mart regarding possible check fraud," wrote Sanders on May 13. "The complainant stated that two black females had cashed two checks and put the cash on to two pre-paid Visa cards." One check was for $503: the second was for $904.64. They were written on two different accounts, both of which proved to be inactive.

Thefts reported:

* Kenwood CD player, value $100, taken from a 1992 Chevy van, owned by Donald Wade Clark of Silver Creek Road.

* TomTom GPS unit, value $250, taken from a 1998 Jeep, owned by Jeffery Trey Church of 8th Avenue South.

* Two Shimano bass fishing rods with open-faced reels and two ultra-light Zebo rods with reels, value $200, taken from a boat owned by Woodson Carter of Joyce Avenue.

* Shotguns, shells, rifle bullets, binoculars, and a half-full bottle of Jack Daniels Black Label, taken from a weekend cabin on Delina Road, owned by Joseph W. Blake of Lacey's Spring, Ala.

Arrested and charged with driving on a suspended license:

* Christine Guerrero, 40, 5th Avenue North. Bond: $1,000; court date: June 15.

Officer Denise Savage of the Lewisburg Police Department stopped the 1996 Saturn station wagon at about 3:30 p.m. May 17. Savage observed that none of the five occupants of the vehicle, including an infant child, was wearing a seatbelt. Guerrero was cited for violations of the child restraint, seatbelt, and insurance laws.

Arrested and charged with domestic assault:

* William E. Barnes, 44, Snake Creek Road. Bond: $1,000; court date: June 2.

* Kimberly Dawn Veach, 29, Chapel Hill. Bond: $1,000; court date: June 9.

Arrested and charged with simple assault:

* Steven R. Harris, 29, Bryant Street. Bond: $1,000; court date: July 13.

Arrested and charged with public intoxication:

* Christopher Lee Mull, 21, Petersburg.

* William L. Bess Jr., 46, Marshall Street.

Arrested and charged with violation of probation:

* Jason A. Ruiz, 27, Titan Way.

* Carnell Marks, 23, Woodlawn Avenue.

* Joseph M. Deblasio, 22, Mount Pleasant.

* Candido Pullido, 49, 5th Avenue North.

* Levoy Adams, 60, Cornersville.

* Teresa Zitzer, 40, 4th Avenue North.

* Jerry Lee Hunter, 49, Cornersville (held without bond).

* Joseph R. Baxter, 24, Chapel Hill (held without bond).

Served with criminal summons for violation of probation:

* Cassie Jo Sharpe, 20, Nashville Highway.

* Phyllis R. Martin, 38, 7th Avenue South.

Arrested and charged with failure to appear:

* Michael A. Kelley, 26, Shelbyville. Kelley failed to appear in General Sessions Court on domestic assault charges. His bond was set at $20,000.

* Jamey Allen King, 35, Pulaski. Bond: $2,000; court date: June 23.

Served with criminal summons for passing a worthless check:

* Adam Short, 31, Jerre Lane.

* Misty Lawrence, 36, Endsley Rankin Road.

Misdemeanor citations for shoplifting from Wal-Mart were issued to Tiara Lee Bolton, 19, of Heil Quaker Avenue, and Shannon M. Robinson, 19, of White Drive. Items with a total value of $51.97 were returned to the store.