Tea Party II planned for Rock Creek on July 4

Friday, June 5, 2009

Another Tea Party is being planned in Lewisburg for Independence Day, according to one of the organizers of the Tax Day Tea Party in Rock Creek Park on April 15.

There's more.

"We'll have a presence in the 4th of July Parade from The Acres Shopping Center to the Recreation Center where various vendors will have booths," Sherry Ferguson of Wild Cherry Drive said last week.

As for the July 4th Tea Party, Ferguson said, it's to be in Rock Creek Park.

"Well have a family picnic from 11:30 a.m. to whenever," she said. "Bring a picnic lunch."

The city-sponsored July 4th celebration was held in Rock Creek Park last year. This year, it's at the Lewisburg Recreation Center at 1551 Mooresville Highway.

"Speakers and entertainment are to be announced later" for the Tea Party, Ferguson said. "This is a non-partisan event open to Libertarians, conservatives, moderate Democrats, whatever."

The April 15 Tax Day Tea Parties held in large and small municipalities across America attracted national publicity in part because of telecasts by at least two cable TV news channels, Fox and MSNBC.

During the Tax Day Tea Party here "a total of 240 people signed" a Declaration of Grievances, Ferguson said. The document calls upon elected officials to "do the will of the people."

Specific examples of the "will of the people" include:

> Opposition to "bailouts of failing corporations;"

> Passage of laws "with astronomical amounts of earmarks" funding various projects, typically for a lawmaker's constituency;

> Passage of "an additional omnibus bill (a spending law covering many things) with even more ludicrous earmarks;"

> Opposition to "the total amount of debt... projected to reach $3 trillion," and;

> A complaint that "the means to repay [such] debt largely relies on taxes to small and large businesses..."

A copy of the Declaration of Grievances was sent to U.S. Sens. Lamar Alexander, Bob Corker and U.S. Rep. Bart Gordon, Ferguson said.

"We demand you stop expecting us to pay for the blunders and pet projects of others," the declaration states.

"Rather than reward incompetence and failure as you have done," those signing the declaration state, "we will terminate your employment and bring you home."

In a May 20 letter to Ferguson, Gordon thanked her for sharing her "support for the April 15 'tea parties,'" because that helps him "better represent Middle Tennessee."

Ferguson provided a copy of Gordon's letter that said he was "pleased to see so many people exercise their constitutional right to assemble and voice their concerns about government."

The Murfreesboro Democrat also told Ferguson that he "supported the Bush tax cuts and repealing the estate tax. I am also currently sponsoring legislation creating a commission to help curb entitlement spending."

Entitlements, or government services that are deemed necessary because people have a right to such, have been noted by some political analysts as such a significant part of federal spending that the rest of the budget faces limitations, or requires increased revenue.

"These are unprecedented times," Gordon wrote to Ferguson. "I appreciate hearing your views."

The 6th District congressman closed his letter by saying he hopes that Ferguson "will share this with all the other citizens of Middle Tennessee who signed" the Declaration of Grievances.

Ferguson has named other federal programs that she hopes will be addressed by Gordon as the United States plans another celebration of Independence Day.