Crime reports

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More thefts of stereos and related equipment from vehicles on June 6 have been reported.

* A Sony CD player and speakers, valued at $350, were taken from Jonathan M. West's car after breaking the driver's window.

* A Pioneer CD player and speakers, worth up to $2,000, were taken from Peter Fantoni's car, and the dashboard and steering column were damaged in the process.

Other thefts reported include:

* Between 8 p.m. June 5 and 9 p.m. June 7, someone entered a residence on Rogers Road after breaking a window and took numerous expensive items of clothing, a Dell laptop and printer, a Verizon cell phone, a 42-inch plasma TV, a DVD player, food, and toiletries. The victims were Emmett L. Roseman and Ashley D. Steward.

* Two sets of vehicle tags from cars being repaired at Paul Edwards' Affordable Automotive, between 11 p.m. June 12 and 1 p.m. June 13. The tags are: 795 FBN and 244 QSG.

* Purse with cash and debit card from Melissa Cozart, Old Farmington Road.

* Stereo and speakers, valued at $100, from the residence of Donna Johnston, Hardison Avenue.

* $40.90-worth of gas at Parkway Market. The driver of a white van left without paying just after 5 p.m. Sunday, June 14.

* $600-worth of clothes. Someone else took delivery of the mail-order items at Samantha Hawkin's residence on McClure Street.

According to a report on file at the Marshall County Sheriff's Department, Deputy Tony Nichols was "advised there was a fight down in the quarry (off Hunter Bills Road). Deputy Stuard had already made contact with a crowd of people by this time...While trying to sort things out and figure out what was going on, Lane McCracken was uncooperative and continually interfered with law enforcement. While speaking with a 16-year-old female who was intoxicated, Lane told her not to tell us anything and not to rat on people. This same 16 year-old-female advised that she had been drinking with Lane and that he gave her some beer. Lane continued after several warnings to cause a scene by yelling and interfering with our investigation and therefore was placed under arrest for disorderly conduct, public intoxication, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor." McCracken, 22, of 8th Avenue South, had a total bond of $1,250, and is due in court on June 30.

Driving offenses:

- Driving under the influence

* David J. Crutcher, 41, Chapel Hill. Additional charge: driving on revoked. Bond: $3,000; court date: July 13.

* Jemell W. Pruett, 46, Prel Lane. Additional charge: violation of the implied consent law. Bond: $2,000; court date: July 13.

* Nelson B. Primm, 41, Bethberei Road. Additional charge: possession of Schedule IV (hydrocodone, paroxetine hydrochloride, and cyclobenzaprine). Bond: $7,000; court date: July 13.

* Jennifer Doggett, 28, Vista Street. Court date: July 13; no bond stated

- Driving on suspended

* Joshua B. Dixon, 19, Chapel Hill. Bond: $500; court date: July 14.

* Cynthia Council, 51, Chapel Hill. Citations issued for driving on suspended and failure to show proof of insurance.

- Driving on revoked

* Eric S. White, 20, 5th Avenue North. Bond: $500; court date: July 20.

* Artemio A. Castillo, 35, Old Columbia Road. Additional charge: evading arrest. Bond: $3,500; court date: June 29.

Arrested and charged with domestic assault:

* James R. Dunnavant, 24, Tiger Boulevard. Bond: $1,000; court date: July 13.

* Ronald P. Blackwell, 44, Elm Street. Bond: $1,000; court date: July 13.

* Maurice A. McLean, 43, 5th Avenue North. Bond: $1,000; court date: July 6.

* Larry D. Reeves, 38, Thomas Avenue. Additional charges: public intoxication and resisting arrest. Bond: $2,500; court date: July 13.

* Amanda M. Brown, 21, and William J. Powers, 43, both of 4th Avenue North. Bond: $1,000 each; court date: July 6.

Arrested and charged with aggravated domestic assault and violation of an order of protection:

* Lisa M. Strickland, 20, Mooresville Highway.

Arrested on a domestic assault warrant:

* Arturo Mejia Chavez, 29, Acorn Hills. Bond: $1,000; court date: June 29.

Arrested and charged with public intoxication:

* Vance R. Jones, 46, Shelbyville; Connie D. Rogers, 34, Pulaski; and Timothy Everly, 45, 9th Avenue. Bond was set at $500 each; court date for all: July 20.

* Jeremy M. Poarch, 18, 2nd Avenue. Additional charges: drinking under age, evading arrest, and resisting arrest. Bond: $2,000; court date: July 13.

Violation of probation

- arrested:

* Steven Ballinger, 44, Petersburg. Held without bond until court on June 16.

* Douglas Adam Henderson, 33, Pulaski. Bond: $1,000; court date: June 15.

* Douglas Sherman Brashears, 47, Armory Drive. Bond: $1,000; court date: July 13.

- served with a criminal summons:

* Timothy D. Everly, 45, 7th Avenue South. Court date: July 13.

Arrested and charged with failure to appear:

* Brandi Hurd, 31, Murfreesboro. Bond: $2,000; court date: July 7.

Served with criminal summons for violation of municipal code sections 13-502 and 13-106 (criminal littering and health and sanitation nuisances):

* Jesse J. Ragsdale, 31, Saint Anne Street. Court date: June 29.

Worthless checks

* Served with a warrant for a worthless check of $67.57, written to Food Lion: Joseph Franklin, Cornersville. Court date: July 28.

* Served with a criminal summons for a worthless check of $20.24, written to Lewisburg Industrial and Welding: Mary R. Baxter, 28, Hull Avenue. Court date: July 14.

Served with a criminal summons for animals running at large:

* Travis Hargrove, 29, Verona-Caney Road. Court date: July14.

Cited for shoplifting from Wal-Mart:

* Jacob L. Sands, 25, Hull Avenue. Court date: July 20.

* Wade McKinley Staggs Jr., 33, Nashville Highway. Court date: July 6.

Served with criminal summons for assault and vandalism:

* Jamie Perryman, 18, Glenn Avenue. Court date: July 13.