Commissioners face full plate Monday night

Friday, June 19, 2009

Marshall County Commissioners have a full plate for their monthly meeting Monday night in the Courthouse Annex on Lewisburg's public square.

The meeting is to be preceded by a public hearing on landfill expansions as to be defined by a proposed change in the county's zoning resolution. It is proposed as the state is to decide on an expansion permit for Cedar Ridge Landfill.

Meanwhile, some county committees have decided to send recommendations to the commission after the deadline for setting the monthly meeting agenda, a technical issue that's raised procedural questions.

Recent meetings of the Buildings Committee have included review and revision of bids for services such as janitorial services of county buildings and commissioners are raising questions about the bid process.

It's been a controversial issue for months as some county officials' decisions led to abandonment of results of one system in which the government issued a request for proposals on various services when no specifications were written for the services sought.

State auditors had been consulted and the search for a service contractor was started over.

In the midst of those deliberations, county commissioners have said they'd like to have the school system's maintenance department be expanded to include service to county buildings other than schools. Some progress toward discussing that goal with school board members, has been made, according to comments during the Building Committee meeting on Monday.

Also set for commissioners' deliberations are the following matters:

* Designating the county director of accounts and budgets as the appropriate official to issue $3.95 million in water revenue and tax bonds instead of the county clerk. This move arises from a Feb. 23 decision to sell the bonds and now the county has determined that the budget director should deal with the bonds instead of he clerk.

* Reappointment of Budget and Accounts Director Freda Terry to the position that she's held for more than 15 years.

* Imposing a proposed requirement that all applicants for a solid waste permit to conduct such business in the county must submit an environmental assessment of land that would be affected by the proposed business. The required environmental assessment would have to be completed by a business' compliance officer who is certified under the National Environmental Protection Act. An environmental assessment is one of at least two types of examinations of impacts on the environment. An environmental impact statement is another and its requirements are more stringent that those of an environmental assessment.

* Adoption of an updated strategic economic plan for the county. It's to be in effect through 2013 as required by state law that makes all counties and their municipalities have a Joint Economic d Community Development Board. JECDBs administer programs monitored by the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development.