Beer service approved for new restaurant

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

CHAPEL HILL -- The town's Beer Board has granted a permit for table service at a restaurant that's to open in a couple of months after an Italian restaurant is remodeled.

At least five restaurant jobs were yet to be filled on Friday, according to Tawyna Eady of the Rich Creek subdivision, proprietor of what's to become Red's Family Restaurant Bar and Grill.

Eady and her husband, who's since passed, ran Eady's Family Dinner Bell in what's sometimes called the old Marvin's building that was torn down between the Pizza Hut and Walgreen's on Ellington Parkway in Lewisburg. The couple also had a restaurant at what's now Mopey's.

Eady and her father, Donald Hodge, appeared before the Chapel Hill Beer Board on Friday morning when Alderman Henry Frame presided as chairman and asked if there were any questions for the applicant.

Beer Board member Tommy Lawrence asked about: Eady's experience selling beer; if her employees would be trained on how to check identification cards, and; what consequences would result from the sale of beer to someone younger than age 21.

Sales to underage customers results in "automatic termination" of the employee, replied Eady who's got "over 20 years" experience selling beer. She will send her employees for training in seminars conducted by the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission. It's a standard practice by many businesses that sell beer, wine and mixed drinks by the glass.

Chapel Hill requires proof with sales receipts that more food than beer is sold at restaurants serving by the drink on premises. Lawrence asked about that and Eady acknowledged the requirement, but has no sales records yet.

Lawrence also asked about fire codes and Town Administrator Mike Hatten explained the state fire marshal has jurisdiction because Chapel Hill doesn't have such laws. The town's volunteer fire department is led by the police chief.

The board's unanimous vote came on a motion by Frame, seconded by Lawrence. Alderwoman Pam Elliott, the third member of the Beer Board, was absent.

After the meeting, Eady spoke about her plans.

"Before my husband passed away, we thought about having a business in Chapel Hill," she said, explaining she wants to provide a family atmosphere. "If my kids can't come in, I won't have it... It's all about family."

Eady plans to buy food at the Lewisburg Farmer's Market in Rock Creek Park, she said, explaining she sees it as a way to start an exchange of goods and services in the local economy.

Live music is planned for Saturday nights, she said. Stevie Jay of Murfreesboro, "a Tim McGraw type" of singer, would be her first performer.

Hodge says he worked in Eady's restaurant for seven or eight years "doing the cooking and maintenance,"

"And I can cook a mean steak," Hodge said. "Momma taught me."