Democrats running the asylum

Friday, July 3, 2009

I think there's little doubt now that the inmates are running the asylum in Washington, D.C. The Cap and Trade energy tax bill that just passed the House is but one example of how nuts things are. This bill would almost double the average household's electric bill and could push gas prices up another $5 per gallon, at a time when we're trying to climb out of a recession. But every time we start to get back up, President Obama and the Democrats in Congress knock this economy back to its knees.

The economic impact of this carbon offsets scheme the House has passed will be unprecedented. If it were targeting real pollution one might be able to conjure up at least a slim justification for doing it. However, the culprit in this bill is carbon dioxide, an odorless, harmless gas that we all emit with each exhale. CO2 is what plants use to make oxygen. Many scientists argue that more CO2 would lead to greater crop yields and, ironically, a greener planet. However, the people behind this scheme have done a masterful job at linking CO2 to air pollution. Carbon dioxide is not in air pollution. That's sulfur dioxide and other nasty substances. They've shortened CO2 to make it sound even more sinister. "Carbon" footprint and a "carbon" tax are bandied about by the dirt people in an effort to conjoin this image of a dirty lump of carbon with harmless CO2.

They're targeting our children with this mindless pap, too. I was watching the Disney Channel with my youngest son the other day and they urged the little tikes to visit the Disney webpage to learn how they might save the planet. I immediately logged on. In addition to advice like turning off the water while you brush your teeth (like we're running out of water) they asked the kids to do something I hadn't heard before from this group. "Fill a bird feeder with bird feed," they instructed. Look, I'm all for bird feeders but they're for the enjoyment of humans who love to watch birds. How on Earth does filling a bird feeder with bird feed help save the planet?

The inmates are running the asylum.

The evidence is all around us. We have car dealerships closing for no apparent reason. President Obama would have you believe that it's all about saving GM and Chrysler. However, logic would tell you that the more outlets you have for your product the better. And forget this notion that dealerships too close to each other drive down the price of the car. The dealerships buy the automobiles from GM and Chrysler up front. What do they care if the dealerships are cutting prices to compete with one another? In fact, the lower the dealerships price the cars the better chance they have of selling them instead of the customer going to, say, Toyota. The more cars the dealerships sell the better it is for GM and Chrysler. It's just common sense yet they're closing dealerships left and right in hopes that will fix the companies. Notice Ford isn't mandating the closure of any dealerships. They get it.

And what's up with Obama appointing Cass Sunstein to head the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs? Mr. Sunstein, a Harvard professor, believes animals should have the right to sue humans in court. This animal rights wacko believes, among other things, that all hunting should be banned. Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-GA) has put a hold on his nomination until he can meet with the professor.

The inmates are, indeed, running the asylum.