Public records

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Marriage Licenses

Jamie Lee Gentry and Kimberly Higdon Aldridge; Roston Glenn Willis and Patricia Gayle Scott Liggett.

Business Listings

7 Fold Technologies LLC, 1472 Silver Creek Road, Lewisburg, TN 37091, owners: Frankie and Sylvia Hickle and Chris Burns; Holts Corner Quik Stop, 6261 Nashville Hwy, Chapel Hill, TN 37034, owners: Sandra White and Howard Ragsdale Jr.

Land Transfers

Polk Addition, Lot 1, 4.37 acres, $12,000, District 1, from Mark S. and Priscilla P. Hood to Ronald and Nell Polk; Tract, 95 1/4 acres, $2,500, District 1, from Virgil M. Haney to Virgil H. Haney; Hearthstone S/D, Phase IV, Lot 53, $106,200, District 1, from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Angelina M. Miller and Bradley Bondanaza;

College Street, $10,000, District 3, from Billy D. and Joe B. Thompson Ind and executors, and the Robert Payne Thompson estate to Pamela L. Cooper; Fairview S/D, Section 2, Lot 25, $78,500, District 3, from Michael M. Boyd executor and the Earlene D. Smith Estate to Billy R. and Jennifer K. Osborne and Barry N. and Cynda H. Hooten;

Maplewood S/D, Section 1, Lot 31, $70,000, District 4, from Dennis S. Lowe executor, the Angela D. Dickson estate, and Phillip Michael Scott to Michael W. Orick; Peggy Ramsey S/D. Lot 1, 2.26 acres, $5,000, District 7, from James M. and Mattie R. Wright to Peggy Ramsey; Liberty Valley Acres, Lot 4, $82,000, District 8, from W. H. Coble Jr. to Davis C. Musgrave; US Hwy 431, $140,000, District 8, from HSBC Mortgage Services Inc and LPS Asset Management Solutions Inc. to John and Kate Oliver; The Reserve at Azalee Acres, Lot 107, $18,300, from Isaac and Philip E. Zimmerle and Joseph Daughrity to Vince Jackson; Riverview Road, 1.23 acres, $145,000, from Linda B. Knight to Thomas R. and Terry Jo Tillis; Andrews S/D, Lot 3, $39,900, from Swartz & Brough Inc. to Christina Caneer.