Marshall County celebrates Fourth of July

Wednesday, July 8, 2009
Uncle Sam (alias Mike Spence) holds Alison Fautt, daughter of Ruth Ann and Michael Fautt.

For the first time in a long time, the Marshall County Chamber of Commerce had a Fourth of July Parade to help celebrate Independence Day, and the display of patriotism was remarkable.

From beautiful kids on floats and flatbeds to honored veterans on horseback and convertible car boots, the march and roll from The Acres to Lewisburg's Recreation Center was topped only by the fireworks in the night sky that Saturday.

"This is beautiful," Marshall County Veterans Service Officer Billy Hill said at the Recreation Center that afternoon. "With the economy the way it is, people can still come out and enjoy themselves."

Indeed, some Middle Tennessee communities didn't have fireworks for the Fourth of July this year, but the Chamber found funding and the show went on.

Meanwhile, at Rock Creek Park, local affiliates of the Tennessee Tea Party acknowledged their attendance of about 45 was down from nearly 150 on April 15, the federal income tax day. "Taxed Enough Already" were three words used to make the T-E-A in Tea Party.

"I just decided to go with it," organizer Sherry Ferguson said of the smaller crowd. "Whoever is here, is here."

Songs sung by soloists Debi Lynn of Lewisburg and Scott Addington of Nashville followed patriotic speakers who were introduced by Ferguson, a freelance writer who also spoke her mind.

"We see things going on that are just not American," Ferguson said.

In apparent references to advocates of energy efficient lighting and the federal bailout of American auto industries, Ferguson said she doesn't like it when she's told "what kind of light bulb I can have in my home or what kind of car I would drive."

"You're barking at the wrong dog," she said at Rock Creek Park.

At the Rec Center, "The word is," County Commissioner E.W. Hill said between puffs on his cigar, "there are a lot of beautiful babies. They're all winners in my opinion."

Told that he was speaking like a true politician, Hill replied, "Yes. I'm telling you. I wouldn't want to be one of the judges. Marshall County is blessed with a lot of beautiful babies."

Among them was 4-year-old Alison Fautt, daughter of Ruth Ann and Michael Fautt. Alison's 11-year-old cousin, Miranda Cooksey of Cornersville, advised Alison to "blow a kiss" to the judges during her part in a contest, "and smile real pretty."

She did, and so did practically all the people in Lewisburg on the Fourth of July.