Columbia man stabbed in Lewisburg

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Columbia man was stabbed in Lewisburg on Thursday and rushed to Vanderbilt University Medical Center for treatment, city police have reported.

At Marshall Medical Center's emergency room, City Police Officer Larry Hazelwood was told that Marcus W. Abernathy, 37, came to Lewisburg with his girlfriend to "pick up her kids at their father's house on 4th Avenue North." Abernathy and the children's father, Carlos D. Martin, 28, got into an altercation.

"After the fight started, a third person, Dontrell L. Davis, 28, joined the fight on behalf of Martin" and kicked and punched the victim, Hazelwood reported.

After he left the emergency room, Hazelwood went to the address on 4th Avenue and spoke with Martin and Davis.

"Both stated that Abernathy got out of the vehicle and picked up a rock and threatened them with it," wrote Hazelwood in his report. "Then Martin stated he went back into the house and got a kitchen knife and stabbed Abernathy three times. He stated he (Abernathy) fell back into the car and they left."

Later that afternoon, after being interviewed at the Lewisburg Police Department by Detective Sergeant Jimmy Oliver and Detective Scott Braden, Martin and Davis were arrested. Martin was charged with aggravated assault. His bond was set at $7,500 and he will be in court on July 28.

Davis was charged with assault, and will also be in court on July 28. His bond was set at $1,000. After two people made his bond with Farrar's Bail Bonding on Thursday night, Davis was released from jail.

According to bail bondsman Michael Farrar, Davis was to go to the bondsman's office upon his release, but was heard saying as he was walking from the jail, "I ain't goin' over there."

When it was clear Davis was late to the bondsman's office, Farrar drove one car and Davis' girlfriend drove another as they looked for him, expecting to find him on foot in the vicinity of the jail.

"Within a couple of minutes," Farrar said, "she saw him walking on 3rd Avenue, so she hollered for him to get in the car."

Davis got in and she drove him back to the bondsman's office, with Farrar following in his own vehicle.

Back at the office, the woman, Farrar, and a man who co-signed the bond tried to calm Davis, who yelled disparaging remarks at the woman and others.

"I'm not the police," Farrar said he told Davis. "I got you out of jail."

The co-signer on Davis' bond reacted, "'He's a risk. He's going to run again. I can't do it,'" Farrar said. "At that point, we had no choice but to cuff him."

Friday morning, Marshall County General Sessions Court Judge Steve Bowden signed Farrar's request for permission to be removed from the bond made for Davis and the man remained in the county jail.