11-year term handed down in drug case

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Marshall County man pleaded guilty of three drug crimes on Friday when he was sentenced to 11 years in state custody, according to Circuit Court records.

Gregory Patrick Terry, 21, pleaded guilty of selling cocaine and was sentenced to 10 years by Judge Robert Crigler who sentenced Terry to an additional year on a charge of possessing the drug with the intent to sell it.

Terry pleaded guilty of another possession charge and was sentenced to two years, but Crigler ordered that those years be served at the same time with the sale charge.

Crigler also determined from Terry's record and statements from the District Attorney's General office and Terry's lawyer that he is a standard offender under state law and therefore could be eligible for a Parole Board hearing after serving 30 percent of his sentences.

Two addresses are listed for Terry in his court file. They are on Forrest Street and Long Distance Road.

Crigler presided over a number of other sentencing hearings on Friday. They included:

* Laura Beth Prendergrast, 29, whose address was listed in her arrest warrant as the Williamson County Jail, pleaded guilty of two counts of forgery.

Prendergrast was sentenced to three years on one charge and two years on the other. Crigler those sentences are to be served one after the other. She was found to be a multiple offender. That indicates she might be eligible for a Parole Board hearing after serving 35 percent of the time.

She'd forged two checks to the Shell Food Mart in Chapel Hill, one for $250, the other for $150, according to her sentencing order.

* Derek J. Jones, 24, of 709 Sands Hollow Road, Lynnville, who pleaded guilty of a first offense of driving under the influence of an intoxicant, although the sentencing order shows that he was charged with a third offense of DUI.

He's to serve 20 days, pay a $600 fine, $1,408 in court costs and attend DUI School.

Jones also pleaded guilty of driving when his license was either suspended, cancelled or revoked and to a simple possession of illegal drugs charge. His effective sentence is interpreted as 20 days in jail and then 11 months and nine days on probation.