Letter: Damage to Mom's grave is dispicable

Friday, July 17, 2009

To the editor:

My mother, Christine Adams, is buried at Lone Oak Cemetery. We always keep her grave nice and well maintained. I feel she lived a long life and deserves to rest in peace and not be disturbed.

My husband, Howard, recently refinished a cedar bench and we placed it at the foot of her grave with a few figurines on it. The first week of July, I went to visit her grave and found that the bench had been stolen.

In the theives' haste, the figurines had all been knocked to the ground and her grave was left in a mess. I find it extremely disrespectful and despicable that some would steal from a deceased person. I hope that the lowdown individual who is responsible reads this and feels enough remorse to return the bench to my mother's grave.

The bench is hand-crafted and easily identifiable to us since it is one of a kind. We filed a police report and hope you are caught and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for theft of property and vandalism.

Kathy Adams Christmas