Public records

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Marriage Licenses

William G. Cook and Annie Ruth Baugher; Tommy Neal Garner and Scarlett Marie Lamb; Joseph D. Taylor and Kimberly Ann Hancock; Kevin James Tennant and Jean Frederick Suffoletta.

Business Listings

Familyman Handyman, 1790 Bethbirei Rd, Lewisburg, TN 37091, owner: Brent D. Turner; Marshall County Monuments, 1928 Fayetteville Hwy, Belfast, TN 37019, owner: Pamela Grant.

Land Transfers

Northside Estates, Lot 4, $111,000, District 1, from Avalon Homes LLC to Jacob M. Pitt;

RMJ Estates S/D, Lot 5, $115,000, District 1, from DWD LLC, Robert B. White, and Scott Dodson to Gladys V. Drenkhahn; The Villas at Chapel Hill, Lots 12A, 12B, 13B, 14A, 14B, 15A, 16A, and 16B, $880,000, District 1, from Warner Brothers Developers LLC, Chris D. Brothers, and William Todd Warner to W. H. Coble Jr.; Tract, 12.57 acres, and Warner Addition, 4.25 acres, $30,012.50, District 2, from Charles E. and Felicia M. Hillard to William P., Darlene T., and David B. Warner; Rolling Hills S/D, Section 6, Lot 5, $107,500, District 3, from Paul Adrian Wilson to Keith L. and Linda G. Clift; J. R. Andrews S/D, Lot 11, $70,000, District 3, from Pamela Starr Owen Ind and Executrix, Danny L. and Ronald L. Hubek, and the Goldie M. Hubek Estate to Mary W. Robinson; Moonlight Hill S/D, Section 5, Lot 63, $157,900, District 3, from Paul Braden Surveying and Construction and Paul Braden to Mia C. and Mark D. Pitts; 3rd Avenue North, Verona Avenue, and Tract, $72,471.59, District 3, from Betty L. Russell to Donna K. Gowan and Betty Lynn Stocstill; Tracts, Charlie Thomas Road, $1,285,000, District 4, from Valere Potter Menefee to John Thomas Menefee; Simmons Ridge Road, 9.01 acres, $22,500, District 4, from Saxon Mortgage Atty in Fact and Novastar Mortgage to William H. Coble Jr.; Church Street, $8,000, District 5, from Candace Dowen to Cecil Mattison; Fitzpatrick Road, 5.01 acres, $0, District 7, from Fannie Mae aka Federal National Mortgage Association to Eddie Tune and Sheila Crickenberger; Round Hill Road, 15.40 acres, $30,800, District 8, from David Craig Executor and TR, William T. Craig Estate, and William T. Craig Revocable Living Trust to Elbert K. and Perrie M. Bills.