Letter to the Editor

Letter: More tax not needed

Friday, July 24, 2009

To the Editor:

Times are tough right now for residents of Marshall County. The closing of the GM plant hurts, and residents in all parts of the county have been hit with job losses. We have double digit unemployment and things could get worse before they get better.

The last thing Marshall Countians need right now is higher taxes and fees.

On Monday July 27 the county commission will be voting on whether or not to implement an annual fee of $60 on all households for garbage disposal.

I am adamantly opposed to this and you should be too. The commission is essentially asking the residents for a blank check, with no guarantee that there won't be increases in the near future. Some people may not think $60 is a big deal. I can guarantee it is a big deal to the recently laid off.

It is time for the county commission to tighten their belts just like we have done at home. We can't afford more tax burden. Please come to the commission meeting Monday night and tell the commissioners to vote NO on a new $60 fee for residents!


Tony Buchholz