Schools alter transfer policy

Friday, July 31, 2009

Schools alter transfer policy

Director of schools Stan Curtis would like Marshall County parents to be aware of the policy the school board has approved which addresses student assignment within the classroom and student transfers within the school system.

According to board policy number 6.205, all students are expected to attend the school to which they are assigned according to the bus route on which they reside (Lewisburg, Cornersville, or Chapel Hill).

Students who are currently enrolled remain in their current schools.

The school principals are responsible for assigning all students to classes. For the first time this year, elementary students will be assigned to teachers based on a system-wide matrix, instead of random selection.

Also new this year is the requirement that parents must make a written request to the director of schools no less than two weeks prior to the beginning of the school year (July 22, 2009) if they wish to enroll their children in any other school in the system different from the school assigned according to the bus route on which they reside.

Consideration will be given to the request, if the parent provides transportation to and from that respective school, if the choice does not cause overcrowding in the school, if both principals agree to allow the enrollment, and with the approval of the director of schools.

Parents who are dissatisfied with the assignment of their children may, within ten days after the assignment, make application to the Board for a hearing requesting a transfer to another school.

Students who enter the system from another school system shall be placed by the principal in the grade and/or level as indicated by records from the former school. If the student's placement is inappropriate in the grade or level assigned, he or she may be reassigned to another grade level by the principal; parents shall be kept advised.

Transfer students will meet the same enrollment requirements as new students. Students who have a change in residence that changes their bus route assignment will be enrolled at the school for which they are assigned by virtue of their new bus route.

Students whose families transfer their residence to another school area after the first month of school may complete the school year at their former school if they choose to do so, but must provide their own transportation to the former school.

Students who present evidence that they will move during the school year and who desire to enroll in a new school in the new area may do so with prior written request to the director of schools for a change of school area, and if they provide their own transportation to the new school. The director of schools may grant exceptions to this policy for good and sufficient reasons.

Principals shall allow credit for work transferred from other schools only when substantiated by official transcripts. Students will not be allowed to transfer nor will records be sent to another school until disciplinary problems are settled and all outstanding fees and debts are paid.

All school board policies may be read on the Web site Click on the "School Board" link at the top of the home page, and then on the "Policy On-Line" icon on the right hand side of the page.