Public records

Friday, July 31, 2009

Marriage Licenses

Ronnie Grady Chapman and Betty Ann Peach Crafton; John William England III and Tricia Earlene Chumbley; Timothy Drew Fleming and Andi Blair Ledford; Jesse Ray Iler and Amanda Faye Sparks; Charles Edward Jackson and Tamara Lorraine Francis Mitchell; Jarvis J. Taylor and Keyonia T. Roseman Smith; Ronald M. Teeples and Shacon E. Charley Deason.

Business Listings

Red's Hometown Bar & Grill, 4640 Nashville Hwy, Chapel Hill, TN 37034, owners: Tawyna Eady and Donald Hodge; UCA Sale Corp., 221 Sunnyside Dr., Chapel Hill, TN 37034, owner: Giorgio Zoiro.

Land Transfers

Lowry Road, 5.70 acres, $55,000, District 2, from Dennis Steven Blackwell to Angelia K. Blackwell; Richardson Road, 5.42 acres, $0, District 2, from Charles Edward Hillard to Felicia M. Beasley Hillard; Hwy 31A, 21.55 acres, $185,000, District 2, from Doris M. Ligon and the Doris M. Ligon Revocable Living Trust to Ernest G. and Debra M. Poston;

Murray Hill Addition, Lots 78 PO and 79 PO, $20,000, District 3, from Josie L. McConnell Talley FNA and Josie L. McConnell to Timothy W. Holder; Holly Grove Estates, Lot 98, $80,000, District 3, from William S. and Bradley Hooten to William T. Woodside Jr.; Mooresville Hwy, $389,388.52, District 3, from Hitenderakumar Patel, Joel Eugene Moss Sr. Trustee and Moss Family Trust to Manhar Patel; Beechwood Estates, Section 1, Lot 9, $94,000, District 3, from Jeff Poarch to Michael Stinnett;

Rolling Hills S/D, Section 5, Lot 3, 0.72 acres, $102,000, District 3, from David H. Stacey Jr., and Kenneth A., Marion D., and Harold R. Stacey to Kami R. Jackson;

West Commerce St., $30,000, District 3, from Leon and Michiko Brand to David and Kelly McKenzie; Hickory Hills S/D, Section 1, Lots 9 and 8A, $186,000, District 3, from Anthony L. and Nancy J. Crowder to Terry A. and Cynthia Elliott; Murrey Hill Addition, $10,000, District 3, from Betty Jean Thomason to Bruce Wayne England; Beechwood Estates, Section 1, Lot 48, $89,000, District 3, from Cameron Coble and Jeff Poarch to James J. Bumpus III and Amy N. Bumpus; Polk Street, $33,000, District 4, from Shane Anderson to Buffalo Valley Inc. Champion Run S/D, Phase 1, Lot 23, $111,000, District 4, from William Tyler Matheson and Dana Leanne Stinnett to Lisa D. Johnsey; Beechwood St., $74,000, District 4, from Violet Renee Hickman to James T. and Deanna M. Bradford; Pigg Road, 3.0 acres, $12,000, District 6, from David N. Williams to Gracie Williams; State Highway 129, 12.58 acres, $36,000, District 6, from Mary Joyce Twitty Rowland to Steve and Lisa Robertson; Tracts, 34 132/160, 26, 13 113/160, 41 1/2, and 32 acres, $280,000, District 6, from Bettie R. Coxon Ind & Atty in Fact and Ivan H. Coxon to James C. and Linda J. Brown; Truelove S/D, Lot 1, 0.40 acres, $68,800, District 8, from Richard Bradford to Shannon Wyatt and Thomas Wiley; Castano Park S/D, Lot 60, $25,000, from Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to William L., William B., and Samuel J. Lanier.