Letter to the Editor

Letter: Board needs to help, not hurt, Curtis

Friday, July 31, 2009

I moved two years ago from Lewisburg after living there many years. I raised my children there. I observe with concern the judgemental and condemning attitudes of those certain members who sit on the School Board at present.

First of all, I would like to know what qualifications these certain members have to decide what is and is not acceptable with the Director of Schools. If they are so educated and knowledgeable, why haven't they applied for the job? Obviously, because they are not qualified. Perhaps their credentials need to be looked at to make sure they are qualified to be a school board member. What are the qualifications?

Secondly, a better way to help meet the needs of the schools, I think, would be to work WITH the Director of Schools NOT against him. Look for ways to ASSIST him, aid him, and work TOGETHER with him instead of continually criticizing and finding fault with him. There are more positive and successful ways to discuss areas which need improvement. The board members must be approachable and open to ideas other than their own. After all, they are not the Director. There are times when those in leadership positions must be allowed to lead. Hastily wanting to oust him from office is not acceptable unless he is being detrimental to Marshall County Schools. I have yet to see that being determined. Comparing him to his predessor is also unacceptable. Is he perfect? No. Is anyone? No.

I ponder sometimes that certain ones on the board have someone else in mind that they want hired for this position. I wonder if they will ever be satisfied until they are able to place their own choice in there. Surely the applications for this position were carefully considered. No one else was chosen who was considered more qualified.

The bottom line is to learn teamwork.

Until you do, you will never have a team. The Director of Schools can't do it alone. He certainly can't do it without the support of the Members of the school board. I am sure he has strengths. Build on those strengths. We all know he has weaknesses. The board members have certainly made them evident. Reinforce the areas of weakness with support and suggestions to make things better. You don't build a bridge overnight.

As for the secret evaluations, that's ridiculous and completely unprofessional. These board members have made public their secret evaluations. They should stand behind their ratings by revealing who they are and why they rated Mr. Curtis as they did.

Thank you for allowing my input. It is, after all, just my opinion.

Joan Whitt